Thank you all

Well, somehow I lost last weeks blog. Wish I knew how I managed to do it. Anyhow I was Thanking all my fellow classmates and cartel members for their help during the past ten weeks and with my launch. I am working on the next Chapter of THE MAN ON THE BUS and giving out free copies of it. Still keeping touch with my cartel. I have a fan and sold copies of six of my books last week. Total excitement. I hope she posts her feelings on my site. She read HER SNOWMAN and loved it.


Well, my novella/story THE MAN ON THE BUS is available on Amazon. Here is the link to Amazon and the story.

I am excited to have this available. If there is anyone out there who needs help with their launch, let me know. I want to thank everyone who gave me feedback and helped me with my launch.

I am curious as to what my readers prefered genre to read is. Drop me a note or leave a comment. I have over twenty novels available on Amazon or directly from me. On my website you will find a brief outline of each story as well as the opportunity to Meet the Characters in each story. In these times of staying at home, you might want to curl up with a good book or sit outside under your favorite shade tree with a glass of ice cold lemonade or iced tea and step into one of my stories.

Fans: Blog Post Announcement


Hey there,

I’m getting ready to launch my first short story.  With over twenty completed novels, I have never attempted a short story before.  I’m looking for fellow classmates to check out my story and let me now what you as fellow writers think.  THE MAN ON THE BUS will be on Amazon as a short story now and eventually a full-length novel.

In this post I’m sharing THE MAN ON THE BUS. Let me know what you think in the comments:


Happy reading!
Marcia A. Oster

Week 7: Catch-up Time

Although as a writer, I feel I never get ahead…barely break even and easily fall behind. My internet is up but slow, I would guess due to the amount of people home. Never has my phone rang so much from people wanting to sell me something…which if I needed it, I would call them. Hey, that’s their job…mine is getting caught up with my classwork and finishing my story. If I could get Part 6 done, I could get it edited, critiqued and ready to add to my book. Getting good and great helpful feedback. Thank you all.


Well, this has been an interesting week. Starting on Monday my internet decided to go in and out all day. Tuesday it got more frequent with the crashes. This got worse as each day started. By Saturday, it became impossible to work on line at my class work at all. Finally, switched to Hughes Net at Dishnet’s recommendation, but they couldn’t come out until Tuesday. So, now I have internet. Sunday, we added another kitten to our family. Lot’s of entertainment and Bobby is 7 weeks old today.

BOBBY 6 weeks


Well, I have the cover designed for THE MAN ON THE BUS and I’m getting the Parts/Chapters formatted for Kindle on Amazon with the rest of my books. So far, I am up to Part 6 and on the down side of this story, I hope. I want to keep working and writing with the previous critiques formost in my mind. Getting a lot of great feedback. Thanks to all MARCIA


New York Bound or not

Well, let me tell you a little about my newest story entitled: THE MAN ON THE BUS.

Melina is taking a bus home from visiting her grandmother in Toronto, Canada.  She’s sitting in a window seat, partially asleep.  Someone sits beside her, and she opens her eyes to see an Indigenous male sitting there.  She closes her eyes wondering why with all the empty seats on the bus, he had to sit beside her.  He settles in and leans back and closes his eyes. 

Fleeing Into the Woods

After he is bothered by another passenger on the bus, they exchange names and talk briefly.  Henri is a Shaman and she soon gathers slightly psychic.  His humorous reply to one of the police officers who have boarded the bus looking for a murdering couple, gets them removed for further questioning and left behind at the station.

When there is a problem with another stopped bus, Henri abruptly says they should leave the station where they are awaiting questioning.  He brings her out the back door.  She follows him into the woods where they hear gunfire and then an explosion. Then they see smoke.  They end up running for their lives.  Getting a rental car, she brings him to her home.  When he goes to return the rental vehicle, Henri disappears; Melina is left at her home feeling abandoned.  Henri did leave a little part of himself with her.


Well, it’s week two of my writing course. I’m working on my second short story and trying to accomplish all my assignments while under quarantine in Harrisburg, PA. Of course, over the winter I’m pretty much house bound anyway but my husband is suffering from cabin fever. We writers just hunker down and let the words flow onto the blank page. I’m getting to meet fellow classmates and read their stories while they critique and read mine. I’m hoping this course will help me improve my writing as well as build a support group. Time will tell, and I might also.

MARCIA – First Blog 4/12/2020

Marcia’s first blog.  I signed up for the Write Practice class and this old dog (lady) is learning to blog.  You are the first of my readers to get to read my first ever blog.  I joined Write Practice group and I am writing a short story for in there. I now have twenty-one completed novels.  At the present time, I am working on number twenty-two HER WRITING WARDEN.  Also, in the future is my first attempt at a Science Fiction with a working title of Escaping Earth.  I hope if you are looking for an escape you will give one of my stories a read. You can meet the characters here on my web page and read a brief synopsis of the story in each book.  I have copies of each of my books stored in my office at home.  I will gladly send you a copy to read.  I hope you will give me feedback on whatever story you select to read.  If you like romance with a bit of trouble and strife, check out HIS TEXAS TROUBLE.  If you like romances with a mystery to solve, check out FATE LENDS A HAND.  If you’re into roller coaster rides get your hands on CAT AND HER COWBOY.  You’ll travel with them through Scotland, Maine, Texas and Oklahoma and flee from tornadoes, wild dogs and wild men.

When I retired in 2015, my husband told me to stay home and write. I warned him that writing for me is all consuming and other jobs will suffer.  Of course, his dinner was always ready when he got home from work.  In 2018, my husband retired and learned to cook dinner for us.  I have a cookbook available from me with the dishes my lead females make in my stories.  If you are looking for a girl on the run from a murderer, check out HER SPIRIT WARRIOR or WHEN THE MUSIC FADES.  If you like a little mysticism and Indigenous Peoples legends, check out WHITE EAGLE LEGEND.  Each book has it’s own story told by the lead heroine through her eyes.  Let me tell you a story…