Well, this has been an interesting week. Starting on Monday my internet decided to go in and out all day. Tuesday it got more frequent with the crashes. This got worse as each day started. By Saturday, it became impossible to work on line at my class work at all. Finally, switched to Hughes Net at Dishnet’s recommendation, but they couldn’t come out until Tuesday. So, now I have internet. Sunday, we added another kitten to our family. Lot’s of entertainment and Bobby is 7 weeks old today.

BOBBY 6 weeks

2 thoughts on “WEEK 6 – NO INTERNET

  1. Timothy J. Verret says:

    Sorry to hear about all your internet problems, Marcia. Been there many times. in fact, I just ordered a replacement tablet because the refurbished one didn’t work, and now this new one has its keyboard freezing up. I am NOT a computer person and get frustrated when I encounter these type of problems. Bobby is SOOOO cute. I’ll have to send you a picture of my cat, Conrad, who I adore. I have had some MAJOR stresses with a wonderful stray dog I found, but unfortunately I cannot keep her and I have an appointment to take her to the shelter tomorrow. It is SERIOUSLY breaking my heart, but I don’t have any other options right now. So, tomorrow, I’m bound to be an absolute mess!!!!!! :((((


  2. Cheryl Morris says:

    Awwwww!!! Dear little Bobby!!! He’s so cute. Welcome to the family, Bobby! I hope he gets along well with all the other cats.


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