Thank you all

Well, somehow I lost last weeks blog. Wish I knew how I managed to do it. Anyhow I was Thanking all my fellow classmates and cartel members for their help during the past ten weeks and with my launch. I am working on the next Chapter of THE MAN ON THE BUS and giving out free copies of it. Still keeping touch with my cartel. I have a fan and sold copies of six of my books last week. Total excitement. I hope she posts her feelings on my site. She read HER SNOWMAN and loved it.

2 thoughts on “Thank you all

  1. Gopi Menon says:

    Hi Marcia, Congrats on getting someone buying 6 copies of your book ‘Her Snowman’! I hope you will continue to see good sales.

    By the way, I have put up a short blurb about your story ‘Man On The Bus’ and introduced you to my readers on my blog ‘My Book Launched’

    Cheers! Gopi Menon


  2. Anonymous says:

    I am really enjoying reading your stories. The only problem is that I am reading them too quickly, cannot put them down. They are realistic and the stories continue to evolve. I enjoy reading about all the food cuisine, you can get many ideas and remember some old recipes. The love and caring in your stories, put the reader in their lives. Thank you so very much for getting me back into reading stories again. Shirley Kautter


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