Well, I have finished HER WRITING WARDEN as well as the second book in the saga entitled HER CHIEF WARDEN. I expect WARDEN to be availabe within the next month or so. I am going with Readers Magnet to get WARDEN published. Now, in addition to have several stories already started, I am striving to get a Literary Agent to represent me to a real publishing company. FLEEING NORTH is the story of a young couple planning and then driving North to Canada to survive a Plague that is fatal to all who catch it. MUSIC TO HIS EARS is the story of a young girls journey as she overcomes hardships and lovelost before finding a man to love and protect her. ESCAPING EARTH is my trying my hand at telling a sci fi style story about multidementional travel. What happens when a man from another dimension falls in love with a third dimension Earth woman and produces a female child? What will this man do to save his child from a dying planet? If he could save one race of people which would he chose and why? Questions I answer with my own unique imagination and spin. Well, I have my work cut out for me. Thanks for reading along with me.

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