Sounds of Life on the Wind River Reservation

Sounds of Life on the Wind River Reservation

Part 2 of the Wind River Saga.

The story begins where the previous novel, When the Music Fades, left off.

Daniel has slain the Viper and must now help Brett retain custody of Holt. Mr. O’Conner has decided that Holt is his grandson and belongs with him. Daniel goes into court prepared to do battle.

However, the battle doesn’t take place in the courtroom but deep in the woods on the Wind River. Daniel ends once and for all Mr. O’Conner and his claim to Holt. Now Brett has a wedding to plan in 30 days. Within days of her wedding, her family descends upon Daniel’s mother’s home. She likes this new extended family. Brett rides one of her new white horses to the wedding place where Daniel joins her on his white steed. A beautiful wedding steeped in both cultures’ traditions. Kimani now has over 40 grandchildren to call her own.

Daniel and Brett go camping with Holt, Ari, Ben, and five of their crew. Brett never camped outside in a tent before. A new experience, but enjoyable. Ash is getting his own Veterinary Clinic because Mac needs a vet in Wyoming. Jarrett joins Ash at the clinic to train him in surgical procedures. Jarrett takes time out to elope with Mora, which upsets her family as well as Kimani.

Kimani goes with them to visit Brett’s brother Tim and wife Carole in San Francisco with Holt. They have an enjoyable couple of days, and then it’s on to Australia for a visit with Ari, Ben, and their massive clan. Daniel gets to accompany Ben on a cattle roundup, and Brett enjoys the time with her sister Ari. They take a dinner cruise and stay at a hotel connected to a zoo in Sydney. Holt refuses to fly on their scheduled flight homeward, and they get a later flight from Melbourne and learn their initial flight met with a tragic end. Once again, Uncle has protected Holt from the grave.

Back at home, Mac alerts Brett to a terrifying danger to Holt’s life. A large grizzly bear breaks into Kimani’s home, and Holt is kept safe by his grandmother Kimani and his mother’s brave actions. Once again, Uncle’s lance appears to slay the terror Brett is facing. Daniel arrives to take the spirit-possessed bear’s head.

They are forced to move up their moving plans to their new home due to the bear’s large destruction in Kimani’s home. Kimani has another wedding to plan. Jason and Jude are moving from Texas to join Brett and Jarrett in Wyoming. Jude wants a wedding, and she gets more than she ever imagined thanks to Daniel’s ingenuity. A beautiful dress, a newly opened and modified church for Wick there on the reservation. A dream honeymoon and then the purchase of a nice ranch here in Wyoming near Brett and Daniel’s home.

When a heavy snow collapses the roof of the cabin Jarrett and Mora are living in, Jason and Jude get house guests to share their new home. Ash and Vicki set their wedding date for December 31. Vicki gets a surprise from Daniel when he brings her parents from Australia so her father can walk her down the aisle. There is a nice origami money tree on their gift table to get them into their first home.

There is one final evil to be faced. Holt keeps talking about a dark spirit who eats babies. Is it coming after the twins or maybe someone has a tiny baby they don’t know about that the dark spirit is going to eat? Can Wise Owl banish this dark spirit or will the Spirit Warrior and his Woman need their light to shine on the day?


Meet the Characters ~

Brett Sinclair Hawk Cheveyo ~ Now age 29, dark auburn curly waist-length hair, dark green eyes, long dark eyelashes, full sensual mouth, creamy white skin, 5’7″ short, small 18″ waist, petite features, extremely intelligent, photo memory. Parents – Catherine McBrett Sinclair died when Brett was 11 years old. Brant Andrew Sinclair IV died when she was 25.

Daniel Cheveyo (Dubungu) ~ Age 33, Shoshone warrior, successful lawyer, long black hair, and dark brown eyes. She considers him ruggedly handsome. He returns to help Brett rid herself of the terror started by the Viper. He’s lost his heart to this young widow and her charming infant son. He’s amazed at the size of her family and how easily her family accepts his.

Kimani Cheveyo (Butterfly) ~ Mother to Daniel and Ash. She finally gets her daughter when Brett comes into her life. More importantly, she gets a grandson in Holt and a huge family in the Sinclairs. She looks closer to 40 than her 64 years. Her hair is still jet black and thick, and her face is unlined. She stands about 5’6” tall with a mature figure. But she rules the roost in her home. She has a lot of knowledge to share with Brett and a lot to learn.

Holt Hawk ~ He’s 3 years old now and accepted Daniel as his father. He’s learning a lot from the Cheveyos. Black hair and dark brown eyes, he’s a bundle of energy and a charmer.

Jason Allen Sinclair ~ Age 32 with brown hair, brown eyes, 6’1, slender build. Likes working with cars, computers, playing steel guitar. Single. Living on Double J Ranch outside of Dallas until Jarrett moves to Wyoming, then maybe he’ll move north, too.

Jarrett Andrew Sinclair ~ Age 33, brown hair, brown eyes, 6’3, medium build. Genius, surgeon, plays banjo, piano, horns. Single. He had a doctor’s office on the Double J Ranch. Now in Wyoming to look out for Brett, he gets involved in Ash’s new Vet clinic and finds the love of his life. Good-bye Texas, hello happiness.

Judge Frank Dailey ~ Age 55, grey short hair, round face with grey eyes, he’ll be the judge of who Holt belongs to and he’ll make sure Mr. O’Connor leaves Wyoming.

Mr. O’Conner ~ Age 53, He lost both his sons in Wyoming and can’t find their bodies. He might replace them with a certain lawyer’s sons if his plan goes well. However, he finds himself and his right-hand man facing Tribal justice without any legal representation . . . something that is going to just kill him.

Justin Austin Sinclair ~ Age 34, married to Brandy, aged 31, lives in Wyoming with their 4 children – Jonah [9], Jonathan [7], Joseph and Jennifer Ann [4].

Josette Alison Sinclair O’Toole ~ Age 35, married to Conner O’Toole, age 41, living in Scotland with their nine children.

Timothy Arnold Sinclair ~ Age 36, married to Carole, age 36, lives in San Francisco, California, with their four sons. Brett has a nice visit with them on their way to Australia.

Russell Aaron Sinclair ~ Age 38, married to Linda, age 36, lives in Boston, Massachusetts, with their seven children.

Ari Anne Sinclair Cook ~ Age 42, married to Ben Cook, age 47. Living on Ben’s ranch outside Mildura, Victoria, Australia, with their eleven children.

Pastor Wickham “Wick” Addison ~ Age 37, he was Justin’s pastor in Casper, Wyoming. Even after he’s transferred to Nevada, he’ll help Brett as much as he can. Daniel helps him get assigned to the closed church in Wyoming where he can finally do some good. He’s happy to marry any and all of Brett’s brothers.

Macloud – Mac ~ Age 3. A white long-haired ragdoll cat. If only he could get someone to understand what he’s trying to tell them. He likes Daniel and tries to fill him in on what’s happening. He tries to let them know when evil’s around at Kimani’s but no one listens to him . . . he’s a cat. Then he tries to tell Wise Owl and finally, someone who listens, but is it too late?

Wise Owl ~ Shoshone warrior, tribe holy man, age 70+, long white hair, grey eyes. Very slender but muscular. He has seeing eyes and visions he tries to interpret. Brother to Uncle, he will pick up the war lance, and with his nephew, Daniel, end the terror.

White Buck, Rainfall, Rusty, Tom, And Summer ~. Cousins of Russ and his wife and children. They are willing to put their lives on the line to protect the newest additions to their family.

Two Bears and Fierce Skybird ~ Younger brothers of White Buck. They are going to protect Brett from the evil man chasing her. They find that Brett has a lot of surprises for them.

Uncle ~ Brother to Russ’s father. Proud to spearhead the family’s efforts to protect Russ and his new wife and son. Charmed by Brett, who is now called Shadow Hawk. He performs their marriage ceremony, advises them of the baby she carries and provides shelter, love, and words of wisdom. Even death cannot prevent him from keeping his promise to safeguard their child. He will send his war lance wherever it is needed, whenever it is needed, for Daniel to use.


Book Details ~

Format ~ Paperback, 124 pages
Publication Date ~ March, 2019
ISBN-10 ~ 1725627655
ISBN-13 ~ 978-1725627659


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