New York Bound or not

Well, let me tell you a little about my newest story entitled: THE MAN ON THE BUS.

Melina is taking a bus home from visiting her grandmother in Toronto, Canada.  She’s sitting in a window seat, partially asleep.  Someone sits beside her, and she opens her eyes to see an Indigenous male sitting there.  She closes her eyes wondering why with all the empty seats on the bus, he had to sit beside her.  He settles in and leans back and closes his eyes. 

Fleeing Into the Woods

After he is bothered by another passenger on the bus, they exchange names and talk briefly.  Henri is a Shaman and she soon gathers slightly psychic.  His humorous reply to one of the police officers who have boarded the bus looking for a murdering couple, gets them removed for further questioning and left behind at the station.

When there is a problem with another stopped bus, Henri abruptly says they should leave the station where they are awaiting questioning.  He brings her out the back door.  She follows him into the woods where they hear gunfire and then an explosion. Then they see smoke.  They end up running for their lives.  Getting a rental car, she brings him to her home.  When he goes to return the rental vehicle, Henri disappears; Melina is left at her home feeling abandoned.  Henri did leave a little part of himself with her.

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