MARCIA – First Blog 4/12/2020

Marcia’s first blog.  I signed up for the Write Practice class and this old dog (lady) is learning to blog.  You are the first of my readers to get to read my first ever blog.  I joined Write Practice group and I am writing a short story for in there. I now have twenty-one completed novels.  At the present time, I am working on number twenty-two HER WRITING WARDEN.  Also, in the future is my first attempt at a Science Fiction with a working title of Escaping Earth.  I hope if you are looking for an escape you will give one of my stories a read. You can meet the characters here on my web page and read a brief synopsis of the story in each book.  I have copies of each of my books stored in my office at home.  I will gladly send you a copy to read.  I hope you will give me feedback on whatever story you select to read.  If you like romance with a bit of trouble and strife, check out HIS TEXAS TROUBLE.  If you like romances with a mystery to solve, check out FATE LENDS A HAND.  If you’re into roller coaster rides get your hands on CAT AND HER COWBOY.  You’ll travel with them through Scotland, Maine, Texas and Oklahoma and flee from tornadoes, wild dogs and wild men.

When I retired in 2015, my husband told me to stay home and write. I warned him that writing for me is all consuming and other jobs will suffer.  Of course, his dinner was always ready when he got home from work.  In 2018, my husband retired and learned to cook dinner for us.  I have a cookbook available from me with the dishes my lead females make in my stories.  If you are looking for a girl on the run from a murderer, check out HER SPIRIT WARRIOR or WHEN THE MUSIC FADES.  If you like a little mysticism and Indigenous Peoples legends, check out WHITE EAGLE LEGEND.  Each book has it’s own story told by the lead heroine through her eyes.  Let me tell you a story…

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