Wind River: Love & Terror

Wind River: Love & Terror

Samantha MacAllister is almost raped at 16 years of age under the bleachers at the Casper Fairgrounds. Only the interference of a young Tribal Police Officer saves her for her future husband. She remembers only his long black hair and slender hands. For the next 19 years, she remains safe on her father’s ranch outside of Laramie, Wyoming. At 35, she is anxious to take a vacation and visit her brother Maxwell on the Wind River Reservation near Crowheart, Wyoming. She brings her two stallions up in a horse trailer behind her Jeep.

Maxwell MacAllister is four years older and at 39 is a Game Warden on the Wind River Reservation. Samantha plans on staying with him at his cabin and enjoying cooking for him and riding with him. Max gets called into work early, and Sam is left to her own. She has dinner at John Bear’s and gets to know his family. Coming back from a nice morning ride, she hears a woman screaming, and she thinks a bear roaring. Forced to ride between a charging grizzly bear and John Bear’s wife and daughters, she pays a heavy price. Grabbed by her left hip in the bear’s mouth, Castlerock fights to defend his mistress against a grizzly bear. Colt, a Tribal Police Chief, responds to his cousin’s call of a bear on JB’s stable grounds. His shots kill the bear and saves Sam’s life but only after he rushes her to a nearby hospital and gives her two pints of his blood.

To get released from the hospital, her father is called. Sam is snatched back home and watched closely by her Father. Unable to forget her green eyes or her kiss, Colt comes to Laramie to see Sam, but her father keeps turning him away. Finally getting to see her again, he thinks she is gaunt and unhappy looking. He wants Sam to come to his cabin so he can get to know her better. She accepts his invite, and they flee to his cabin. There, they find out that 19 years ago, he saved her from rapists. He says he will marry her if she can hunt, trap, track, and make jerky as well as she cooks. A kiss results in lovemaking and a baby. They spend Thanksgiving Day together and make plans to spend Christmas with his family. Christmas Eve, Colt asks her to marry him and she accepts.

Her father finds her at Colt’s father’s home and tries to physically take her back to the ranch. This is prevented by her Scottish grandfather, who offers to pay the money supposedly stolen by Colt in November in exchange for her father dropping all the charges he has against Colt. The Shaman marries them on Christmas. Grandfather comes back to the cabin to hunt with Colt.

After her grandfather returns to Scotland, Colt purchases another baby kit which says Sam is not pregnant. Feeling deceived by the one woman he trusted and gave his heart, he withdraws into himself and turns his back on her. His coldness and anger force Sam to flee his cabin to her brother Max’s cabin. Max was killed in early December and left everything to Sam. John Bear won’t let her stay in the cabin alone and has his younger brother Grey Wolfe help get the cabin livable and sleep there at night in the guest room. She finds out that she is pregnant with Colt’s child but refuses to contact him. Especially after she learns that Colt is seeing another woman. Grey Wolfe is in love with Sam and will marry her. In the meantime, Colt has been searching for Sam because he still loves her.

In June, he comes to the door of Max’s cabin and both are surprised when the door is opened. Sam isn’t expecting Colt, and he isn’t expecting six months of his baby hanging on her front. They discover they are both still in love, and she takes him back.

He makes plans to add an addition onto Max’s cabin. Her father is still searching for her, and eventually, he grabs her back to the ranch. For two weeks, she is subjected to a mental and physical torture before being rescued by her brother Max and Colt. The ranch home is burned to the ground, and her father is killed.

The birth of his son Eric happens right after they are married in a church. Her brothers come up to see her and hear the story of her and Colt and what happened with their father before the manor burned. Happiness that her brothers are now back in her life is short lived when someone makes an attempt on Colt’s life. Her Uncle Mike has returned from out of the country to avenge his younger brother’s death. Unsuccessful in killing Colt, he decides to kill her son instead. Sam takes the bullet meant for Eric. The People of the Nations come together to catch Uncle Mike and carry out much-needed justice. Life throws many challenges into Sam and Colt’s life together as Colt assumes the leadership position from his father.

Check out the story of their love and the terrors they face together on the Wind River Reservation.


Meet the Characters ~

Samantha Ann MacAllister ~ Age 35, 6’2” tall, with long red curly hair, green eyes, large bust, slender. Handles her father’s breeder books, sale books, check books, runs the house employees. Oversees horse breeding, etc. Needs a vacation and takes her two horses in a trailer behind her Jeep Grand Cherokee up to visit Maxwell Allen MacAllister, now a Game Warden on the Wind River Reservation. He has a piece of land with his own self-built cabin on it. He arranges for her horses to be boarded at John Bear’s stables near his place along 287.

Maxwell Allen MacAllister ~ Age 39, 6’4” tall, dark black hair, grey eyes. Very muscular and lean from living off the land most of his adult life. Loves the woods and being outdoors. Leaving home at 21 and then after his four years in the Marines, he becomes a Wyoming Game Warden. Been on the WRR over 5 years. Lots of friends, very outgoing and trustworthy. His horse is a black Pryor Mountain Mustang named Bull. After Sam is mauled by the bear, Max’s father wants him punished or dead.

Colt Washakie ~ Now 40 years of age, 6’5” tall, long black hair, dark dark brown eyes, long black lashes, a wide smile, very proud, very muscular. Face/complexion a bit rougher than when he was younger. He’s been searching for a life mate but not having much success. His cousin, John Bear, has called him because of a big grizzly bear hanging around his house and stables the past couple of days. He arrives in time to kill the bear and save Sam’s life again. Once he gets her safe, can he hang onto her and her love?

Doctor Grant ~. He’s a Native American with short black hair, a large hawkish nose and a narrow face. He gives Sam a new hip and a new hope.

Franklin Dailey ~ Frank is probably close to my father’s age or a little older. His blonde hair has gone from grey to white and is trimmed very close to his head. He’s close shaven. His grey eyes are usually friendly but can get steel-cold when he’s angry. His face is full, and his forehead is lined from raising his two children and the job he has retired from. Grandfather says his wife died two years ago. He was a lawyer who used to be a Judge before he retired last year.

The MacAllisters ~

Marston “Stoney” Allen MacAllister ~ Age 64, 6’6” tall, widower. Keeps his hair jet black, his blue eyes peeled for any available woman. Tall, slender and very active. He reigns over his range with a steel hand. He loves horses, breeding, buying, selling, racing, and riding. He loves his grandsons but wishes he had a granddaughter to prize as much as he prizes his young daughter. He’ll keep her close to the ranch where he can enjoy her learning what he wants to teach her about horses. He doesn’t want any man touching her – ever. She’s his prize possession.

Her mother, Samantha Ann McBrett MacAllister ~ Deceased. Born and raised in Scotland, met Marston on a cruise in the Mediterranean when she was 18. He fell hard for her and took her to his bed on the cruise. Named his daughter after her, and Sam grew to look like her mother when she was 18 years old.

Her Scottish grandparents, Eric and Ann McBrett ~ Living in the highlands of Scotland on their sheep farm. They miss their visits from young Samantha after her mother dies. Both are in their 80s but still running the farm with very little help. Eric is also the Earl of Crieff, a mighty warrior of the McBrett clan from the highlands of Scotland. My grandfather is Sir Eric McBrett knighted by the Queen of England for his service in the Royal Air Force in World War II. His once-brown hair is now all white, and he keeps it long and pulled to a long pony tail in the back. His face is covered with a full beard which he keeps neatly trimmed and still has some grey in the mostly white beard. His hazel eyes still twinkle with mischief and life. A muscular, strong, active man even at 81 years of age. He’ll defend Sam until he dies.

Michael Allen MacAllister ~ Age 45, 6’5” tall, resembles a young Marston in all ways. Married to Angie, age 42, slender, blonde hair and blue eyes, still keeping herself shapely. She envies Sam but respects her.

Their two sons ~
Allen Marston ~ Age 22, 6’4”, slender from working the ranch since he was 14 years old. Not much book learning but plenty of knowledge of the ranch and horses.
Stephen Marston ~ Age 20, 6’2”, slender from hard work and taking orders since he was 14. Didn’t like school but loves being out on the ranch with the hands.

Monty Allen MacAllister ~ Age 43, 6’2” tall, slender, resembles his father like all the brothers do. Married to Julia, aged 29, blonde hair and blue eyed, overly well rounded and jealous of Sam’s figure, still living in the Manor with his 3 sons.
William Marston MacAllister ~ Age 10
Donald Marston MacAllister ~ Age 8
Peter Allen MacAllister ~ Age 6

Mark Allen MacAllister ~ Age 42, 6’0” tall, slender and also resembles his father. Married Christina, age 42, nervous, slender, long brown hair and brown eyes, wears glasses and nicely rounded.

Their 3 sons ~
Benjamin Allen MacAllister ~ Age 24, first grandson, sees himself running the ranch after his grandfather dies.
Robert Allen MacAllister ~ Age 20, hates the ranch but not strong enough to get away on his own, miserable and mean.
Vincent Allen MacAllister ~ Age 16, prefers ranch work over school work and especially homework. He has run off twice and been brought back.

Martin Allen MacAllister ~ Age 41, 6’4” tall, has reddish brown hair, grey eyes, and is lazy and heavy. He’s married to RuthAnn, age 36, 5’11” tall, used to be a model. Blonde hair, blue eyes and cold towards everyone. Unhappy, she thought marrying the son of a rich rancher meant luxury. She packed on pounds with every pregnancy and can’t get rid of them, so she eats.

Their two sons ~
Simon Allen MacAllister ~ Age 16, 5’11” tall, slender and ashamed of his parents. He’s planning on college and then a career somewhere else.
Craig Allen MacAllister ~ Age 12, 5’4” tall, still has his baby fat, but he’s working to get rid of it. He is fascinated by his Aunt Sam, especially her breasts.

Wind River Reservation Characters ~

Dacan Russell Washakie ~ Age 64, 6’4” tall, dark brown hair streaked with grey, lined face, dark brown eyes, much older version of Colt and Nash. Wise and proud of his two sons and his People. Ready to pass the leadership to Colt whether he wants it or not.

Robin Manytrees Washakie ~ Age 58, 5’10” tall, very slender, dark brown hair now streaked with mostly grey, grey eyes, round, still beautiful looking even with lines around her eyes and mouth. Involved in multiple committees, volunteering and hoping one of her sons will give her a grandchild soon.

Nash Lynn Washakie ~ Age 37, 6’0” tall, heavier than Colt and not as muscular. He teaches native languages at the school. He has a steady girlfriend but not for marriage. Dilly Tallrock has known Nash since grade school when she sets her sights on Colt but settles for Nash. Her age is 37 and her height is 5’9”. She wears her brown hair in two braids. She’s always dieting and keeping herself trim . . . waiting for Colt to notice her as a woman. Twenty-plus years of letting Nash have her whenever he wants. She wants a son for Dacan and a guaranteed “in” to the family.

Grey Wolfe Washakie ~ Age is 6’2” tall, muscular like his older brother. He has long dark brown hair that he has loose down over his shoulders. His eyes are a pale blue, and his face has the high cheekbones and Native American features. He’s there for Sam at Max’s cabin and hears her weeping at night for Colt. He’ll gladly marry her and raise her child as his own. Forced to the background when Colt returns, he waits and watches and wants her for himself.

John Bear Washakie ~ Age 39 years old, 6’ 7” tall, long brown hair, big, muscular but gentle with horses and his family. His wife, SpringRain, is his love and his life. First cousin to Colt, and they grew up close friends. John Bear, called JB, is a trustworthy man who never forgets a good deed done for him or his family.

SpringRain Washakie ~ Wife of John Bear, age 35, dark brown eyes and dark brown hair, long worn in braids, slender but busty, round and beautiful face, soft friendly smile, about 5’11” tall. Has two daughters and two sons ~

Daughters ~
AprilRain ~ Age 9 and prefers to be called April
Little Bird ~ Age almost 2
Sons ~
Russell ~ Age 13, called Rusty
George ~ Age 11

Dr. Lightfoot ~ Age 42, 6’3”, thin, and his brown hair is long and down his back. He has the high cheekbones, but his face is thin and long. He has big but gentle hands and moves very gracefully.

Porter Grant ~ Age 38, partner to Colt before he made Chief. Long black hair and dark brown eyes, muscular and very trustworthy. He’ll risk his life for Colt and Colt’s family. He will open his family to a young boy who was named MacAllister until he’s part of Mike’s tribe.

Chip DeepWater ~ Age 33, 6’0” tall, with long brown hair and dark brown eyes. His full round face is definitely Native American, and he has a mouth full of teeth when he flashes his smile. He is very muscular with a narrow waist and hips. He’ll guard Sam and Colt with his life.

Mike Nestle ~ Age 45, 6’6” tall, slender but muscular, long black hair, and dark brown eyes. Wife Tricia, blonde hair and brown eyes, married 11 years, two daughters, Melissa called Mela, age 3; and Lauralee, called Lorry, age 4. Both have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Tragedy claims Mike and Tricia, leaving the girls alone.

William Butari ~ Age 28, 6’4” tall, slender but muscular, close-trimmed beard on his face, wears black wire round-rimmed glasses, hair is dark brown and trimmed short. He reads lips and is in training to be a Game Warden in Wyoming. Quick witted and close-lipped, perfect for being included in Max’s plans.

Onida Kohana ~ Age 32, she has dark brown hair and eyes in an oval face. She’s petite in size but at 6’2” is almost as tall as Max. Love in her eyes, and she has put the love in Max’s.

Shaman John Washakie ~ Age 61, JB’s father. 6’5” tall, very slender but muscular. Wise beyond his years. Long grey hair worn in braids, faded blue/grey eyes, a full toothy smile, and a face lined from years of living and being in the sun. He will join Sam and Colt, and his words will echo in Colt’s mind when he tries to stray from his true love.

Leigh Naples Washakie PT ~ Age 35, very petite, strawberry blonde called Sonny. She is Colt’s Father’s PT. He always did his best for her and introduced her to Nash. She has a full figure. Nash falls fast and hard. Within 7 months, they are engaged. They disappear for a weekend and return married. Sonny had her tubes tied and never wants to have children.


Book Details ~

Format ~ Paperback, 201 pages
Publication Date ~ January, 2019
ISBN-10 ~ 1722373288
ISBN-13 ~ 978-1722373283

Format ~ Kindle eBook
Publication Date ~ March, 2019


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