His Texas Trouble

His Texas Trouble

Jason Weaver hires his ex-Marine buddy, Randy Hunter, as his new foreman. Randy and his 12-year-old brother, Billy, move onto the ranch and into Marisa Weaver’s heart. Marisa knows that Randy’s the one for her, so why won’t he admit it? Ella Swanson lures Randy to Dallas and a high paying job in her daddy’s firm. Grant Swanson soon realizes the Randy is the best thing Ella has ever suggested. After seeing Marisa out to dinner with Billy, Evan Swanson tries his best to win Marisa’s heart. Randy discovers that he loves working at Swanson Industries and the lovely Marisa.

Randy finally shows Marisa how much he loves her. Together, their passions flare and fuse them into a single person. Then Ben, Randy’s abusive father, shows up to terrorize the entire family. Ben Hunter kidnaps Billy after robbing the Weavers. Billy escapes and calls Marisa, who rushes to rescue him. Enraged, Ben forces Marisa’s jeep off the road. Then he holds Marisa for ransom. After Marisa is rescued, Randy knows the only way to provide a safe future for them is to kill his father.

Playing with knowledge of prior experience with Ben’s trickery, Randy foils Ben’s plans to enjoy Marisa. After the death of his father, Randy finds himself faced with life’s other challenges. Billy has a girlfriend. Marisa has a baby, and Grant has big plans for Randy’s future. Randy had no idea Texas would give him so much trouble and happiness.


Meet the Characters ~

Marissa Weaver ~ At 24, she’s been home-schooled and kept secluded on her father’s and then brother’s ranch. She’s no stranger to hard work. But it takes Randy’s old girlfriend, Jolene, to open her eyes to her sexual powers and the world beyond the ranch. There’s no doubt – when it comes to her feelings for Randy she’s gonna be trouble in Texas.

Jared Weaver ~ At 32, he’s a successful surgeon in Boston. The oldest Weaver, he left Texas for the big city. At Marisa’s wedding, he meets Jolene. Now he wants a piece of the Big Apple in his life.

Jason Weaver ~ At 27, he’s an ex-Marine who returned to ranching and horse breeding. He knows his baby sister isn’t a little girl anymore. He thinks Randy would be perfect for his baby sister. Now, how does he convince Randy?

Randolph Hunter ~ At 27, he’s already had a rough life.  Fleeing an abusive father, he enters the Marines. He rescues his abandoned baby brother, and they flee to Wyoming to become cowboys. When that life falls to pieces, they come to Texas under the promise of a new life. What he owns, he carries with him. He has nothing to give the beautiful Marisa once she steals his heart.

William “Billy” Hunter ~ At 12, he likes Texas and Marisa’s cooking. Right off the bat, he tells her he’ll marry her if Randy won’t. He even consents and enjoys her home-schooling him and teaching him to ride. Then he meets Emily and maybe public school has something to offer him after all.

Jolene Winston ~ At 29, she’s going to be a famous dancer on Broadway. She’s been friends with the Hunters for years. She rescued an abandoned Billy from the streets and opened Randy’s eyes to Marisa. She knows how Marisa feels now that her heart belongs to Dr. Weaver of Boston.

Evan Swanson ~ At 27, is the youngest of Grant and Nola’s three children. He played football with Jason but doesn’t remember the Weaver girl. He falls hard for Marisa’s natural beauty. Can he stand aside and be her friend when it’s so obvious she’s in love with another man?

Benjamin Hunter ~ Randy and Billy’s old man. Trouble from day one. His glances make Marisa feel used and dirty. He takes whatever he wants and steals whatever he can get his hands on. When Marisa rescues Billy, Ben decides he’d rather have her anyway. He plans to collect a nice ransom and then take his pleasure at leisure with the pretty Marisa.

Mrs. Penny Alden ~ At 65, she takes the position as Jason’s new housekeeper. She had no idea that this position would be so challenging and rewarding. Her heart goes out to Jason, Billy, Randy, Marisa, and possibly Dr. Tallman, local vet.


Book Details ~

Format ~ Paperback, 400 pages
Publication Date ~ October 2017
ISBN-10 ~ 1977582648
ISBN-13 ~ 978-1977582645


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