Steel & Lace

Steel & Lace

Lace’s escape from an abusive father ends in Liberty Mill. Here, she meets the charming Steel O’Conner, a third generation steel worker. Steel rescues her from an assault but isn’t there to protect her from a disgruntled mob of fellow mill workers. Badly injured, uninsured, jobless, and then homeless, Steel brings her into his home to mend.

Steel’s job at the mill ends when the mill closes. He decides that his fortune is south in Texas’ greener pastures. He wants Lace to play married while sharing his bed. The news of an impending child sends Steel flying into a rage. This sends Lace fleeing north towards Liberty Mill.

On the bus, fellow passenger Bob Trout insists she come with him to his daughters’ home. Lace doesn’t feel comfortable indefinitely imposing on Bob’s family. Her call allows Mrs. Castle to tell Steel where he can find her.

Back in Liberty Mill, Steel gets work in nearby Pittsburgh, weds Lace and awaits the birth of their child. Frank and Karen Dailey quickly become friends to Steel and Lace. Lace’s father finds her with what could be disastrous results.

Is there hope? Or will their love and life die with Liberty Mill?


Meet the Characters ~

Lace ~

Steel O’Conner ~

Bob Trout ~

Mrs. Castle ~

Frank and Karen Dailey ~


Book Details ~

Format ~ Hardcover, 174 pages
Publication Date ~ January 2014
ISBN-10 ~ 1490721932
ISBN-13 ~ 978-1490721934

Format ~ Paperback, 174 pages
Publication Date ~ January 2014
ISBN-10 ~ 1490721916
ISBN-13 ~ 978-1490721910

Format ~ Kindle eBook
Publication Date ~ January 2014


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