Her Spirit Warrior

Her Spirit Warrior

Kate Blackstone has a comfortable life living with her father. She’s the youngest of seven children, and her Father isn’t in any hurry for her to marry. Although, if she would marry Charlie, her friend of over 15 years, he would be truly happy. So would Charlie’s parents, the Mathews. Anna Mathews would love grandchildren. Then her Father hires another man to work in the stables. It really is hard to get good help. This new help will try helping himself to Kate and will kill anyone who keeps him from her.

Kate finds herself without a fiancé, a father, a home, or a safe place to hide. She runs to her brother Johnny, a Game Warden. Johnny does his best to protect her but ends up losing the love of his life. The new plan involves a long-haul trucker friend of her sister Dee. Bill is happy to have someone to protect. She’s his daughter’s age, and he’s in love with her sister, Dee. She gets to see some of the countryside but this is ends when her stalker starts showing up at truck stops.

Bill is forced to abandon her on the courthouse steps per his instructions. Judge Frank Dailey gives her refuge in his courthouse office closet, while she charms her way into his family’s hearts. Frank knows she can’t stay with him forever. She knows sooner or later her being there will put his grandchildren and wife in great danger. Frank is able to contact a lawyer he knows who might give her refuge on the Wind River Reservation.

Eric meets with Frank and agrees to give Kate sanctuary on the Reservation as long as the ruling Council is agreeable. He thinks he’s going to be guarding a rich socialite. The tiny young lady he meets sort of upsets the image he formed. He takes a jolt when she touches his hand at their first meeting. He flies her to the Reservation, where she casts a spell over the Council with her green eyes and pure heart. A snowstorm delays their journey into the mountains long enough for his mother to fall under Kate’s sweet pure spell. His Uncle Raven immediately knew she was more than just a young English woman. He causes her first trance and works to help her hone her special talents.

After fleeing to his father’s cabin in the mountains, Eric discovers her loving caring ways. Then he discovers his younger brother has been using his cell phone to talk to his girlfriend. The hired killers find them, and they are forced to flee from the cabin amid a barrage of gunfire. Kate takes two shots in her side. Eric is forced to give her his blood to save her life. When she is recovered enough, they flee to Eric’s cabin in the Teton Mountains until she can recover enough to go further into the mountains.

At the final cabin, her brother John joins them, and together, they lure the stalker into a trap. Free from his terror, they return to his mother’s home to plan a wedding, a birth, and a life together. She hopes she won’t have to release her spirit eagle and that her Spirit Warrior can build a nice life with her. However, life isn’t through throwing her challenges. The Shadowman is planning on completing what her stalker started. Then Mr. Shaw wants his son’s murderer taken to justice or maybe he’ll just take Eric’s sons to replace his. Maybe not. A new home, a surprise addition to their planned family, and then several more tragedies before happiness can find Kate. Or will fate take her Spirit Warrior away from her?


Meet the Characters ~

Katherine Jenndeena Blackstone, called Kate ~ Age 27, 5’7” tall, dark red hair, long, wavy, big green eyes, small waist, full breasts, tiny feet, very intelligent, plays piano, enjoys sketching and working with and riding horses, mother died when she was 9. She doesn’t like the new hire but he’s bound and determined to make her like him even if it kills her. She starts out running for her life and ends up running with her love.

Richard Dean Blackstone ~ Her father, age 66, ex-Marine, horse breeder, 6’6” tall, white hair, faded blue eyes, muscular, very active. His new hire does not work out the way he planned and will cost him more than he can ever imagine.

Jennifer Katherine Blackstone ~ Her mother, deceased 20 years, born in Scotland, attended college in England and met Richard Blackstone. She bore him seven children and left him too soon.

Richard Dean Blackstone, Jr. called Rich ~ Age 45. Oldest brother who lives in New Hampshire with his wife and two sons. Wife Eleanor, age 46, and two sons: Richard Dean III, age 19, and Franklin Dean, age 16.

Jennifer Deena Blackstone ~ Sister, called Jen, age 43, who lives in Scotland with their grandfather. She has her own art gallery in London, England.

Kameron Richard Blackstone, called Kam ~ Age 41. Brother who lives in Portland, Oregon, with wife and four sons: his wife, Ahuva (Hebrew meaning “Beloved”), aged 38; twin sons, Hale Albert and Casper John, age 15; twin sons, Benjamin Albert and Zeno Albert (Greek, “Guest”), age 13.

Deena Ann Blackstone, called Dee ~ Sister who lives in Portland, Maine. She’s a marine biologist, age 39, unmarried. Her friend for many years, Bill, a long-haul trucker, will help keep Kate away from her stalker as long as he can.

Maeve Jenna Blackstone Haye ~ Sister who lives in Louisiana with husband and six children. Age 35. Married to Colin A. Haye, age 40; their children, twins William Colin and Dean Colin, age 14; twins Tina Sue and Bobby Sue, age 12; twins Andrew Colin and Alison Corine, age 4.

John Richard Blackstone, called Johnny ~. Brother who lives 100 miles away in Maine. Age 30, 6’4”, dark brown hair and eyes, muscular build, Game Warden. Her favorite brother, always comes to her rescue. John loves the outdoors and is big into conservation. She reveals her feelings of unease about VJ and his actions to Johnny, her confident. She has written him letters over the years. He calls her after she texts him of VJ’s attempted rape.

Sir Duncan MacLachlan ~ Her grandfather in Scotland. Age 77, knighted by the Queen for his special services. Family descended from Shaw living in 1163, second son of Duncan MacDuff, third Earl of Fife. His wife passed away 30 years ago, and he has never remarried. Longish hair, once brown, now grey and white. Full beard, also grey and white, brown eyes, and a wide cheery smile. His granddaughter’s new husband is a welcome addition to his clan, and the mother, well, she’s got his interest.

Vincent James Shaw aka VJ McShaw aka Viper (His nickname / alter ego / pet name for himself) ~ Age 29 to 30, escapes the New York mental institution his parents put him by killing an intern and stealing his car and money. Took the cash and rode train to Maine where he bummed around doing odd jobs before ending up working in stables at Blackstone estate. He lusts after Kate Blackstone and will have her for himself or no one will. Vows to kill everyone and everything that stands in his way . . . until he meets the Spirit Warrior – a force he hadn’t planned on.

Charles Richard Mathews ~ Aged 29, light blond hair, big brown eyes, about 5’11”, slender but muscular. Big fast smile. Been her best friend since she was 12 and he was 14. Very tech savvy, designs and sells computer games for a living. He’s loved Kate all his life and just when they’re about to be married, Viper changes his plans.

John and Anna Mathews ~ Charlie’s parents. Anna is 60. About 5’8” tall, slender, very prim and proper. Soft spoken and always well-dressed. John is 64, 6’4, dark brown eyes, an older version of Charlie. His dark blond hair is streaked with mostly grey now. Deep voice and a bit heavy around the waist. They will do what they can to shelter Kate until the day they die . . . sooner than they expect.

Frank Dailey ~ Ex-Marine buddy of her father, judge in Casper, Wyoming, with wife and two grandchildren. Age 62, about 6’4”, his blond hair is now mostly white and kept short in a Marine-style cut, round face, grey eyes, heavy but muscular build, willing to help an old buddy’s baby girl stay safe. Thinks he got a great protector for Kate, finds out he has put the rest of her life in the young Lawyer’s hands.

Karen Dailey ~ Aged 60, Short light blonde, now mostly white, petite, big grey/green eyes. Soft spoken, retired school teacher now raising their son’s children after he was killed in an auto accident with his wife, Melissa, when broadsided by a drunk driver. The Daileys were babysitting at the time, four years ago.

Kyle Franklin Dailey ~ Aged 9, a slender miniature Frank, very Irish stubborn and opinionated. Very into those remote miniature cars and trucks and drawing cartoons. Light blond hair, short, likes the Marine-style cut seen in his father’s pictures.

Missy Anne Dailey ~ Age 6, dark brown hair, kept in pigtails, slender, resembles her mother. Big brown eyes, long slender oval face, very intelligent and Irish stubborn and opinionated. Now in first grade and loving it. She likes playing Barbie in her dollhouse and coloring.

Rachel Santana ~ John’s fiancée, aged 29, about 5’8”, slender but well rounded, quick wit. Long black hair, big dark brown eyes, olive complexion, school teacher in town near John’s cabin. She likes Kate but pays highly for her love of the Blackstones.

Will Anderson ~ Age 45, 6’5” muscular build, round face, big smile, dark brown hair and eyes. From Missouri, loves trucking, and has a ton of friends among the other truckers on the road. His 18-wheeler has a full apartment with a queen-sized bed, miniature kitchen, microwave, small shower, TV, satellite dish. When he hides Kate for her sister, he gets a great cook and more than he ever imaged.

The Shadowman ~ He appears as a mysterious outline outside the windows. A full beard, hoodie, and wearing all black clothes. He’s on a mission to finish what the Viper started. The men he hires to kill them at the Hunting Cabin end up dead. Zula defeats his second attempt. When the prairie midget rattler fails to get Eric, Kate sends her White Eagle to find out what’s going on. With her spirit’s help, the Shadowman finds himself caught in the bright light of their love.

Wind River Reservation People ~

Eric Nakoma (great warrior or spirit) Chayton ~ Lawyer. Age 35, long dark hair, dark brown eyes, muscular, long oval face, predominant nose, long slender fingers on his hands, 6’4” tall. Sioux decent, speaks English, Spanish, French, and Sioux. Skilled in various forms of defense and weapons. Ex special forces. Defenseless against his Other, the tiny White Eagle Spirit Woman.

Chief Askook Mingan (Dacan) ~ Chief of Eric’s tribe. Older brother to Raven and Chenoa. 75 years old, resembles an older Raven Grey Wolfe. His Mother Tocho sees Kate’s inner spirit and other things. He is a well-respected, commanding presence in Eric’s life and his tribe. He offers Kate refuge in the Wind River Reservation and receives much more than he could imagine in return.

Raven Grey Wolfe, Kangee Mingan ~ Medicine man, uncle to Eric. 70 years old, long white hair, faded brown eyes, 6’1”, face lined from many years in the sun, picks up on Kate’s ESP and visions. He’ll release her inner Spirit and join her to her Other.

Blake Paytah (fire) Chayton ~ Eric’s younger brother, aged 31. Younger softer version of Eric. Has his mother’s grey eyes and is studying to be a Medicine man under his uncle. Very easy going. His chosen Indian name, Paytah (Fire). He is jealous of Kate, and his ignorance might get her killed.

Chenoa (Dove) Mingan Chayton ~ Mother to Eric and Blake. Dark black hair, grey-eyed beauty, 5’5” slender, in constant motion, Kate sees a white aura around her off and on. She sees Kate as the daughter she never had and wants to protect her. She recognizes Eric’s Other before he does.

Eric’s cousins ~

John Bear (White Bear) ~ Son of their chief, age 39. Married to Lily, age 29. Three children – Randy, age 12; Timmy, age 9; Sunshine, age 7.

Tony Bear, (Two Bears) ~ Second son of the chief, age 35.

Dakota Bear ~ Age 29, daughter of the chief, in love with Eric. She doesn’t want to like Kate but she does. Then she meets someone who makes her feel true love, and Eric is forgotten.


Book Details ~

Format ~ Paperback, 260 pages
Publication Date ~ January 2019
ISBN-10 ~ 1717179215
ISBN-13 ~ 978-1717179210

Format ~ Kindle eBook
Publication Date ~ January, 2019


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