Her Snowman

Her Snowman

At her editor’s insistence, Jolene goes to a cottage on Indian Pond in Maine with her cat, Macloud to try and complete her sixth novel.

At the onset of a massive snowstorm, a mysterious stranger falls through the open front door at her feet. He’s soaking wet, wounded and half frozen, and she soon has a very ill man on her hands. He says his name is Nick Snow but he has no ID. They are snowbound for three weeks. On Christmas, Nick makes passionate love to Jo. One week later, her Jeep and Nick are gone.

Back in Long Island, after three weeks of being ill, Blaine insists she see a doctor. Then, Blaine wants to know how she could go to Maine with her cat for three months and return pregnant.

She flees to San Francisco to sort out her life and wait for the birth. She meets Tyler Albright, who quickly becomes her friend and knight in shining armor. Blaine insists she take an Alaskan cruise to get her away from Tyler. On the flight to Vancouver, she’s befriended by Mary Whitfield. On the ship, she’s certain Captain Hunter is Nick Snow. Taken ill on a train trip, she and Mary return to San Francisco before the cruise is over.

Jo finds herself running into Nick in New York City and New Orleans. Once they return to San Francisco, Blaine shows his rage and jealousy over Tyler and Nick. Terrified, she flees to Mary. On a nice day, she walks to a nearby playground to watch a softball game. She’s fascinated by the one coach whom at first she thinks resembles Nick. When he introduces himself after the game, she learns he’s Jake Whitfield, Mary’s youngest son.

Jake learns she’s the woman his mother has been trying to get him to ask out. He takes her for hot dogs and ends up at her place talking. Jo is terrified from her experiences with Nick that Jake will suddenly disappear from her life. Finding them asleep in bed together, Blaine rages at Jo and attacks a sleepy Jake. Jo shoots Blaine in the shoulder Jake insists they go to his mother’s house for safety. Blaine orders a hit on Jake at Mary’s.

Nick begins sending money to Jake and Jo. Jake asks Jo to marry him and wants the child to have his name. Nick appears at Jo’s wedding only to realize she’s in love with Jake and he has lost her. Nick saves Jake’s life during a police shoot out in August. He says now he has repaid Jo for saving his life in December. Is Nick gone for good or will Santa bring Jo another guest for Christmas?


Meet the Characters ~

Jolene Dupré ~ At 36 years of age, she’s working on her sixth novel. Home schooled by her parents, she’s always been alone. Christmas Day, Nick awakens her passionate side. Abandoned and pregnant, she fights to make a life for herself and her unborn child. She meets and immediately falls in love with Jake Whitfield. They marry to start a life together and raise her child.

Nick Snow ~ At 27, he’s involved in something very dangerous. He’s wounded and gets very ill in Maine. Lucky he fell at Jo’s feet and the snowstorm keeps his pursuers at bay. Then he seems to run into her everywhere he goes or is he going places to meet with her? Living life on the edge and danger to the fullest, falling in love wasn’t in his plans.

Blaine Fisher ~ At 55, Jo’s editor and publisher. He falls in love with her but respects her wishes. Until, she returns from Maine pregnant with another man’s child. Filled with a jealous rage that begins to eat at him, he begins to make plans to have Jo and the child all to himself.

Tyler Albright ~ An artist who gives Jo directions when she needs them and friendship at a time in her life when she’s floundering. He becomes her knight in blue jean armor. Neither wants to be more than just friends, but will Blaine ever understand this?

Mary Whitfield ~ She’s 64 and recently widowed. The mother of five sons, she quickly takes Jo under her protective wing and into her heart. She’d like Jo to meet her son Jake. She just knows they are made for each other.

Jake Whitfield ~ He’s 39 and been a widower for 8 years. He’s tired of his friends introducing him to single women. He likes baseball and home cooked meals. He’s not about to ask out his mother’s new friend. He becomes very interested in the lady sitting next to his partner, Frank, in the bleachers at his softball game. He soon discovers that they share a passion for hot dogs, baseball and each other. He should have listened to his mother after all.


Book Details ~

Format ~ Paperback, 205 pages
Publication Date ~ October, 2017
ISBN-10 ~ 197808546X
ISBN-13 ~ 978-1978085466


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