No Way Out

No Way Out

Ari can’t figure out why her younger sisters have life easier. Her father has a gambling problem that gets Ari into a situation she can’t escape from on her own. As a favor, she goes out with Vincent Davi. He’s the son of a crime boss in New York City that’s holding her father’s markers. Totally disgusted by her brief association with Vincent, she’s even more shocked to learn her father has entered into a marriage contract with the Davi family. In one evening, she learns her real parents are dead, she’s been living with her uncle’s family and she’s been sold to the Davi family.

Forced to move in with the Davi family and kept in a locked, barred room, Ari makes two friends. Gemma, Vincent’s mother whose own marriage was contracted by her parents. Vincent’s Uncle Joseph Davi, the one man who would help her escape. She follows Joe’s plan and flees to Boston.

Lost, she stumbles across Devlin’s Auto Shop. Kane Devlin offers her the position posted in his front window. He asks no questions and offers her a safe place to hide. Kane has a son to a woman he never married and seems to dislike immensely. Ari finds herself in another seemingly hopeless situation – she’s in love with her boss.

Accidentally locked out of the shop during a snowstorm in January, Kane returns and things quickly heat to a passionate flame between them. Now Ari has a new enemy, the son’s mother, Shawna wants Ari gone and Kane. Shawna pushes Ari through a plate glass window. Kane learns from his own mother that Ari is carrying his child. Dr. Lisa Weston is infuriated that Kane has again fathered a child to a woman he’s not married to. She doesn’t know that Ricky isn’t Kane’s, but her older son, PJ’s.

Kane is willing to let his mother back into his life until she starts lying to him again. Kane wants to marry Ari and help her find her real parents. As he wades through lie after lie, the Davi family finds them. Vincent takes Ari back to New York City to fulfill the contract. Kane is forced to risk his own life to rescue his wife and unborn child. Now all three are running for their lives and it looks like there’s NO WAY OUT.


Meet the Characters ~

Ari Collins/Amanda Kincaid ~ 24 years old, auburn hair, brown eyes, told her real parents are dead, sold to satisfy her uncle’s gambling debts, lost in Boston. She starts out running for her life and ends up running with her love.

Vincent Davi ~ Brown hair, black eyes and heart. He’s used to using the women he wants and throwing them away. His lust turns to rage when Ari escapes his clutches without getting what he desired.

Kane Scott Devlin ~ 27 years old, reddish brown hair, sky blue eyes, he’s trying to distance himself from the Weston Empire run by his manipulative grandfather. Involved with the mob several years ago in Philadelphia, he’s familiar with the Davi family and killing. He thought his life was all planned. He was wrong – if he’s not real careful, dead wrong.

Shawna Smith ~ Dirty blonde hair, sly brown eyes. She’s looking for the rich life inside the Weston Empire anyway she can. She gets pregnant by PJ but tells everyone he’s Kane’s son to keep Ricky and Kane on a string. When she discovers Kane is in love with Ari and is unable to eliminate her, she turns to the grandfather to get into the Weston fortunes. Where she ends up is not at all what she planned.

Ricky Devlin ~ Three years old. A pawn to his mother, a bright spot in Kane’s life, a much-desired grandson for the patriarch.

Dr. Lisa Devlin Weston ~ PJ and Kane’s mother. She’s a brain surgeon at Boston General Hospital. She’s totally under the grandfather’s control. Kane learns a lot of shocking things from his father, Scott, before he witnesses his father kill himself. She wants Kane back in her life, anyway she can. Her lies cost her Kane’s trust again and again.

Patrick Weston ~ The grandfather and patriarch of the Weston Empire. He wants total control of his grandson and Kane back in the fold. A powerful man, ally or enemy, he may not be in as much control as he thinks where Kane and Ari are concerned.


Book Details ~

Format ~ Paperback, 248 pages
Publication Date ~ October, 2017
ISBN-10 ~ 1978344732
ISBN-13 ~ 978-1978344730


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