Love Off the Grid

Cover - Love Off the Grid

Nola Sutton answers an ad that her best friend Sue gives her as a joke. Nola receives a response to her letter full of questions which she answers. Porter Northman is looking for a woman to live with him on his land in Montana. He doesn’t want a modern American Woman; he’s looking for a woman skilled in the old ways. Like cooking from scratch, making her own clothes and raising his children, something that Nola is willing to do.

He schedules a meeting and is pleased at her makeup-free appearance and short curly auburn hair. She agrees to travel to Montana and get to know him. On the week-long drive from Pennsylvania to Montana, Porter begins to have different feelings about this Pennsylvania girl.

After arriving in Montana, they unload the U-Haul, and then Porter is aroused and desires to make love to her. She gives him her gift. Porter admits he has very deep feelings that he believes are love for her. He asks her to marry him, and she accepts. The following day, they return the U-Haul, and he takes her to meet his Uncle Sam, his father’s older brother. Uncle Sam is ignorant towards her and points out that she is not Native American. Porter should have just used her. Enraged at his uncle’s words, Porter quickly takes her away from his uncle and back to their home.

Porter teaches her to ride, and she meets his close friend and neighbor, John Dunbar and his wife Amber Jean, who is close to giving birth to their first child. She has her own cookbook, and Porter gladly selects dishes for her to prepare for him. Uncle Sam shows up and joins them for dinner with sinister intentions. He sends Porter on a fool’s errand in order to have his two sons and himself able to assault Nola. Porter returns but is beaten unconscious and tied to a chair to witness their ongoing attack. Porter’s call to his father results in his parents returning to Montana and purchasing the land beside Porter’s.

They marry and the following year, Nola presents Porter with his first son, Chaz (nickname Chaske) Northman. Chaske means “First Born” in Lakota Sioux. Porter’s father is a doctor, and he delivers his grandson. Uncle Sam tries to steal Chaz, and Nola kills him.

Nola’s friends, Sue and Bill, fly in for a vacation/visit with their two sons. Porter discovers dangerous booby traps in his woods that would endanger his guests’ sons. Someone switched her birth control pills with water pills, and Nola is again with child sooner than they planned. Nola gives Porter a second son, Samuel Tapu. Porter’s sister and her husband bring their two daughters for a visit. Sue and Bill return for a second visit. Nola gives Porter a third child, a daughter, Elizabeth Zicona to add to their family as they live off the grid in Montana.


Meet the Characters ~

Nola Sutton ~ At 33, she answers an ad in an internet newspaper for a wife for a man living off the grid in Montana. She has most of the qualifications, and after she meets the man, probably not what he’s looking for in a woman. She’s surprised at all life throws at her in Montana, but she figures she’s up to this fight since she has fought all her life alone.

Porter Northman ~ At 36, he’s ready for his life partner to share his dream in Montana. The lady from Pennsylvania’s letters pique his interest. He meets her and something about this shy, auburn-haired, brown-eyed lady strikes an area deep in his chest. Everything he encounters about her rings true, and her cooking is heavenly. He’ll teach her to ride, give her his love, and fight for their lives together.

John Dunbar ~ At 40, he met his wife through a dating site. He’s Porter’s neighbor and best friend. They work well together. He’s glad to meet Nola and happy that Porter found a good woman like he did. Now if they can just survive Porter’s uncle’s nasty business and cruelty. He’ll help if he can.

Amber Jean Dunbar ~ At 37, she’s glad to meet Porter’s Pennsylvania woman and welcome her to the neighborhood. She’ll do what she can to help Nola over the tough times here in Montana.

Uncle Sam Northman ~ At 65, he’s used to getting his own way and taking what he wants. He’s not happy that his nephew Porter has selected a white woman to father his children. However, she’s not bad to look at, and he’ll gladly take his turn with her, invited or not.

Frank Dailey ~ At 45, he’s a State Police captain who is called in on a vandalization case at the Northman property. He meets a nice lady from Pennsylvania whose cooking makes his mouth water and him want to find any excuse he can to be called there at mealtime. His daughter is 18 and just graduated from high school. Bringing her over results in her meeting the lusty young Silver Fox and changing her college plans forever.

Father Doc Northman ~ At 59, over 35 years ago, he moved his family to Texas to escape a bad memory in Montana. Now his only oldest son’s phone call will bring him back to Montana to deal with his older brother, Sam. He’s surprised at Porter’s choice of a life partner but pleased. He’s not going back to Texas. He’ll open a clinic here and help the newlyweds as much as he can. He just has to realize that Porter isn’t that four-year-old boy anymore.

Mother Northman ~ At 55, when she was younger and first married, she suffered under uncle’s cruel lusts and knows Nola has, too. She wants to see her son be happy and help if she can.

Karen Dailey ~ At 18, she’s going to start college in the fall. Then her dad gets involved with the Northmans. Nola’s a published author, and Porter is easy to look at. However, working with Doc at the clinic, she decides nursing will be her chosen profession. Then there’s that Silver Fox. He’s real easy to look at, and his touch stirs something inside her that never flamed before. She’s enjoying riding with and then being ridden by the lusty Silver Fox.

Silver Fox ~ At 19, he is sent to aunt’s by his mother to be straightened out by Doc. He’s not expecting to enjoy himself working on a ranch. However, he soon discovers a nice young filly who stirs his juices and makes him eager to make her acquaintance . . . then he just wants to mate her delightful teenage body.

Teetonka ~ As a kitten, she comes to live with the Northmans in Montana. She finds a lot of mice to keep her busy, and a nice man to talk to and good food to eat. Life is good in Montana.


Book Details ~

Format ~ Paperback, 215 pages
Publication Date ~ June, 2019
ISBN-10 ~ 1099517524
ISBN-13 ~ 978-1099517525


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