Fate Lends a Hand

Fate Lends a Hand

Deciding to move back to her birth state of New York is easy.

Securing a live-in position so she can continue to work on her next novel is a little bit more difficult.

Getting Dr. Daine to look at her as a woman is virtually impossible.

Being a friend to Victoria Anne isn’t easy at first.

When a friend of Dr. Daine’s causes Marcia to suffer a grave injury, she inherits a big Irish brother. In spite of Frank and Victoria Anne’s efforts to help Marcia find happiness, Dr. Daine’s heart remains unattainable.

Just when Marcia’s emotions have plummeted to an all-time low, she meets Matt.

Maybe fate is going to smile on her just this once.

Matt immediately falls madly in love with her. Until Matt finds out who her boss is and maybe things are going to get a little rough. After Matt’s darling mother shares some explosive info with her children, Matt’s life may be in grave danger.

Matt has to trust his life to Dr. Daine, maybe for the last time.

The person who wants Matt dead may be . . .???

Will there be any chance for the lovers? Maybe Matt won’t be marrying Marcia after all.

Unless . . . FATE LENDS A HAND.


Meet the Characters ~

Marcia Ann Sutton ~ The caregiver. She’s working as a live in caregiver/companion while trying to finish her next novel. Her car is rear ended by the blue-eyed, extremely handsome Dr. William Daine. The agency calls her for a live-in position caring for a young stroke victim, Dr. Daine’s older sister. She finds herself increasingly attracted to the younger Dr. Daine, but she’s not his type. Until she meets and falls for Mr. Matt Dupont, that is. Fate deals the cards, she’s just not sure how to play her hand.

Dr. William Daine ~ The heart surgeon. He’s extremely intelligent, very sophisticated and looking for the perfect woman. He’s not even thinking of considering his sister’s live-in companion. He’s drawn to her. But . . . because of all the fantastic achievements she’s done in his sister’s life, right? Once Marcia begins dating a mystery man, Bill begins to look at her more closely and maybe, too late. Is his hand full of hearts or clubs?

Victoria Anne ~ The stroke victim. She weighs over 500 pounds when Marcia takes the position. She sneaks cigarettes, stuffs her face with sweets and treats and refuses to do anything to improve her health. After learning that Marcia lost over 150 pounds and the return of her ex-fiancé Frank, changes her plans towards her future. She loses over 150 pounds, starts regaining her speech and tries to regain control of her own destiny. She’s ready for a new card. Will the dealer give her one?

Matthew Dupont ~ The wild card. His wife just died in a car crash. His mother arranged to make his life hell. He hasn’t seen or heard from his younger sister and half brother in over 15 years. Marcia meets him one drunken Saturday and drives him to a hotel. She leaves him a very disturbing note. Sober, he can’t remember much about her, except her sad brown eyes. He gets a PI to find her and then does his best to capture her heart. When someone takes a shot at Matt, his baby brother is the best man to save Matt’s life, but does the doctor want to? Will Matt hold, call or fold?

Frank Dailey ~ The Irish cop. He was engaged to Victoria Anne before her stroke. A chance meeting at the hospital provides him with a way to get back into Victoria Anne’s life. Marcia does her best to help Frank and Victoria Anne get their love rekindled, while her own chances go up in smoke. Frank tries to adjust Bill’s attitude. But are the cards already on the table?


Book Details ~

Format ~ Paperback, 268 pages
Publication Date ~ 2018
ISBN-10 ~ 1979635854
ISBN-13 ~ 978-1979635851


Where to Purchase ~

Fate Lends a Hand, by Marcia Oster, may be purchased online through directly from the author.