White Eagle Legend

White Eagle Legend

Jade had a promising career with the Philadelphia Orchestra playing piano. Right up until her father has a stroke and her oldest brother Ward insists that Jade come home to tend their father – a decision she regrets for seven long years. She endures her father’s rages and physical abuse but is glad to leave Maine and make the long drive to Wyoming to live with her brother, Weston, and his dog, Red.

Once she arrives in Wyoming, Weston insists Jade get the hip replacement surgery to end her constant pain. For her birthday this year, Weston gets her a new dress and tells her to meet him at a nearby restaurant. She arrives at the scheduled time but her brother is not there. After two hours of sitting alone, a black-haired man comes in and sits at a table near her. They exchange glances, and then Jon asks to join her. They end up talking and when her brother arrives, Weston is enraged when he sees her male companion.

She invites him back to eat the meat she has already prepared. Left at the table, Jon and Jade talk until it’s very late. Her brother takes an emergency long haul and leaves her alone. She invites Jon to dinner, and he finds her unconscious on the floor in a pool of blood. He repairs her damaged knee but he cannot leave her alone with overzealous Red who initially knocked her down and caused the injury.

Taken to Jon’s aunt’s, she is physically and verbally abused by Jon’s cousin, Skyler. Jon brings her to his apartment to heal. Her brother, Weston, finds her and expresses his displeasure that she would move in with a Native American male she just met. Jon’s grandfather hears of Jon’s associating with a white woman and is enraged at Jon possibly soiling his line. Wakanda, the tribe’s medicine man, is the first to release the White Eagle from within Jade. Jon and Jade discover that their joining forms a bright light. To protect those she loves, Jade learns to release the Eagle on her own.

The Council votes for them to join and they are wed. Pregnant with Jon’s son, they reconcile with Weston and discover what the power-hungry Grandfather and Wakanda plan to do with Jade after the birth. With Weston, they are forced to flee to a friend of Weston’s in Montana who lives off the grid. Things go well there until Jade is forced to release her Eagle to save first Jon and then a young toddler from ready-to-strike rattlesnakes. Then Jade and Weston have similar bad dreams, and they fear the tribe is getting close to finding them.

They flee to Texas and purchase a ranch home there. Joined by two families from the Village in Montana, things begin to settle down. Then they are visited by Wakanda. Since the Dacan died, Skyler has been leading their people with hellish results. Jon is forced to return to Wyoming and assume the leadership of his people. The Dacan’s formal and regal home mysteriously explodes in a fiery ball, but luckily, Jon and Jade are not home. Jon has a new home built that is more open and inviting. Jade’s White Eagle is ready to defend them and their new sons.

What does the future have in store for our lovers? Check out the White Eagle’s legend and find out for yourself . . . if you have the nerve.


Meet the Characters ~

Jade Northwood ~ Age 34, reddish auburn hair, dark green eyes, 5’11” tall, slender, busty, athletic, played piano in an orchestra until her father’s stroke brings her back home for the next 7 years.

Weston Northwood ~ Age 38, 6’4” tall, dark brown hair, brown eyes, muscular, ex-marine, long haul truck driver. Wife Doli died in childbirth while Weston was on the road. On the Reservation, he has a 2-bedroom cabin that he shares with his English Setter named Red.

Jonathan Akecheta ~ Age 40, 6’1” tall, Sioux/Cherokee mix, black hair, dark brown eyes, attended the white man’s medicine school and is now a GP doctor with a clinic in Landers with an apartment above it. Muscular build but slender, he’s never had TLC in his food before and he’s not able to forget a pair of dark green eyes and a shy smile. His grandfather is the ruler of his tribe and expects him to marry a Sioux maiden.

Paytah Akecheta ~ Age 65, grey hair in two braids, black eyes, big woman with a 3-bedroom home in Ethete on Rt 137. Her son Skyler, age 30, lives there with his mother. Skyler has longish dark brown hair and dark brown mean eyes. He loves drugs, booze, and gambling. Loves living with his mother, taking her money and abusing her guests.

Dacan Akecheta ~ Age 70, grey hair in two long braids, a very commanding presence. Tall, thin a much older and more weathered version of Jon but a meaner face. He knows the legend but refuses to believe his eyes when he sees the White Eagle.

Wakanda Akecheta ~ Age 65, grey hair and grey eyes, the Medicine Man who releases Jade’s White Eagle and sanctions their union.

Judd ~ Head of security, friend of Weston’s, offers them sanctuary in Montana. He welcomes a doctor to their off the grid community and gets more than he bargained for when the White Eagle flies free.

Jude and Patsy ~ Age 29 and 3. Jude’s hiding from an abusive husband who in a drunken rage killed their 7-year-old son. She has light blonde shoulder length curled hair, big grey eyes and is about 5’6” and very petite. Patsy looks like a miniature of Jude but with big brown eyes and very curly light blonde hair. Together, they will give Weston a new love for life.

John, Barb, Doug, Will, and Penny ~ Friends from the Village who will give Will and Penny to Jon and Jade to protect their youngest and then journey to Texas to join Jon and Jade at their ranch.


Book Details ~

Format ~ Paperback, 214 pages
Publication Date ~ February, 2019
ISBN-10 ~ 1794550062
ISBN-13 ~ 978-1794550063

Format ~ eBook
Publication Date ~ March, 2019


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