Taz & Nairna: His Date With Destiny

Taz & Nairna: His Date with Destiny

Nairna has been living at her widowed father’s home outside of Massena, New York. Now her father has remarried, and his new bride is not thrilled with having a stepdaughter living at home. Finally, Nairna has had enough of working two jobs and renting a room for $350 a week. Her brother is a Game Warden in northern Maine. Morgan invites her to move up with him and live rent free.

For two years, she enjoys living with and tending house for Morgan. But then Morgan gets serious with the love of his life, Rachel. Nairna feels uncomfortable living there with the two of them, so she gets a room at Headquarters. She has been working at Headquarters as a dispatcher for the past year, and her boss, Frank Dailey is agreeable to having her there. Some of the other dispatchers are not very reliable, so it’s great to have Nairna there to pick up the slack.

Going to a local Walmart for supplies, she almost hits a young man with her cart. Something about this man touches Nairna in a very strong passionate way. But he kisses her and leaves her standing there shaken. Back at Headquarters, Nairna goes back to her daily life until she’s roughly pulled from her bed by a very angry Game Warden. He wants to show her the empty Dispatch board and admonish her for sleeping while he is calling for help. He’s very angry until he realizes she’s the Walmart Virgin he kissed and neglected to get her name or number.

They go riding, and she cooks for him at his cabin. Both end up confused at their strong feelings and total ease with each other. She’s heartbroken when he doesn’t call, and he drops out of sight for almost a month. Nairna is invited to Morgan and Rachels wedding. Taz is the best man. Rachel wants her to be Taz’s date at this wedding. Nairna agrees.

Taz returns and wants to take her to dinner. It’s at his cabin. He’s been visiting his aunt, who told him it is love and not lust he feels for Nairna. He proposes marriage. She accepts. They spend the next couple of days getting to know each other intimately. Taz brings her back to her room at Headquarters and again makes love to her in her room. Unfortunately, they are overheard by the male dispatcher on duty who gets the wrong idea about Nairna. A brutal attack leaves Nairna and Taz drawing closer together.

Her brother Morgan and Taz surprise her at Morgan’s wedding with her own wedding. An April visit back to the Massena area introduces her to Taz’s Aunt Kateri and then forces them to attend her father’s funeral and reading of his will.

Back in Caribou, Maine, their lives are drawn to helping the Wilsons, a childless elderly couple and continuing to learn about each other. Morgan and Rachel have a massive fight, bringing Taz closer to his partner, her brother Morgan. Taz adds an addition onto his small cabin with a guest room, spare bedroom (nursery?) and master suite.

The death of Taz’s beloved aunt in late November sends them to New York to Kateri’s place again for the funeral rites. There, Nairna is introduced to Taz’s estranged parents. They are surprised when Taz’s parents want to come back to Maine to visit the newlywed couple. Taz’s father is a doctor who ends up delivering Rachel’s baby two weeks before Christmas at Taz’s cabin.

Then a man who crashes the Wardens’ Christmas Party brutally stabs Taz in the back while Taz uses his body to shield Nairna. Doc Otaktay saves Taz’s life. Taz’s fellow Wardens and a neighbor man band together to keep Taz safe. Taz’s parents want them to come to South Dakota to visit while Taz recovers. Once there, Doc Otaktay reveals his plan for Taz to return to South Dakota and live. Aware that his father is trying to control his life again, Taz and Nairna return to Maine to stay.

A massive fatal fire in the Wilsons’ home leaves Taz and Nairna devastated. Taz decides the cabin is just that a hunting cabin and not suitable as a permanent residence. Taz rebuilds a new home over the basement of the Wilsons’ home. This introduces them to some new neighbors. Some who are friendly and some who are not so friendly.

Nairna is finally with child, and the new house is completed before her contractions start. However, life has a few good and nasty surprises in store for the young couple. How about attacks by packs of wild dogs? Gun-firing reckless neighbors? Another fire next door and then surprise new neighbors?

Maybe you better get reading to find out what Destiny has in store for them . . .


Meet the Characters ~

Nairna Ann Nualla Otaktay ~ Age 24, 6’2” tall, long black hair braided down her back almost to her tight little butt, dark brown eyes, slender but busty with a toothy white smile. An oval-shaped face, straight but not overly large nose, long slender artist hands with unpainted nails at medium length. Tired of the hassles at home, she heads to Maine to stay with her brother. When her brother meets the love of his life, Nairna moves to a room at Headquarters. Kissed by a stranger in Walmart who unleashes her passionate nature, she finds herself in a whirlwind romance with a tall dark Native American man who only wants to love her for the rest of his life and hers.

Morgan Allen Nualla ~ Age 28, muscular, long black hair, clean shaven, 6’7” tall, grey eyes (m) Rachel Westerly Nualla, age 28, 6’1” tall, long black hair, blue eyes, full busty figure, spoiled by daddy and loved by Morgan. She likes everything her way, no questions asked. Son: Daniel Allen Nualla, (dob 12/12), resembles a miniature Morgan. Dark black hair, grey eyes, slender, and full of energy.

Richard Nualla ~ Age 62, 6’4” tall, muscular, dyes his hair to keep it black. Slight middle-age spread. Hair-trigger temper, fast fist, got himself a younger woman to destroy his life and family. (m) Eleanor Nualla, age 57, dyed black hair, dark brown eyes, round full face, portly figure on her 5’11” frame. She’s all lovey-dovey until she gets the gold ring on her finger. Then she just needs to get rid of the daughter, and she’ll have full reign over her new husband.

Taz Matoskah Otaktay ~ Age 29, 6’7” tall, long black hair, dark brown eyes, long slender artist’s hands, Lakota Sioux from Wounded Knee, South Dakota. Loves being a Game Warden in his new home state of Maine. Does not want anything to do with his partner Morgan’s baby sister. Now that beautiful pure Walmart Virgin, that’s another matter . . . only problem is . . . he doesn’t know her name, her number, or where she lives. Big problem . . . one that a more recent incident will resolve.

Doctor Napayshni Otaktay ~ Age 52, 6’8” tall. His hair is still mostly dark brown but not overly long and his eyes are grey. He resembles that movie actor Charlton Heston but with high Native American cheekbones.

Zene Otaktay ~ Age 50, at 6’4” is also very tall and very slender. Long black hair and dark brown eyes. Nairna’s first impression is that actress, Cher.

Taz’s Siblings ~

Kohanna Otaktay ~ Age 23, lawyer (m) Gwenda, age 20, model
Ohanzee Otaktay ~ Age 23, twin, lawyer
Yahto Otaktay ~ Age 22
Wihakayda Otaktay ~ Age 21
Kateri Otaktay ~ Age 20

The Wedding Party ~

Rachel’s parents ~
Lee Westerly ~ Age 58, is 6’4” with blue eyes, and a shaved bald head. Muscular and spoils his daughters and grandchildren.
Patty Jones Westerly ~ Age 60, resembles an older version of Rachel totally.

Rachel’s older sister ~ Pamela “Pammy” Westerly Switz, age 31, 6’0” tall with grey eyes, and blonde hair. (m) Paul Switz, age 40, 6’ 6” tall with brown eyes and a shaved head.

Best friend ~ Scarlett, age 28 with long dark brown hair and eyes, medium build, outgoing (m) Jess, age 32, longish reddish blonde hair and hazel eyes, full beard and a ready smile.

Flower girl ~ Olivia, age 5, long blonde hair, big brown eyes, and ready to step up and be the flower girl of the ages. She loves Morgan and charms Taz.

Taz’s Aunt Kateri Otaktay Chogan ~ Age 63, 6’11”. Still a very beautiful woman. Her dark brown hair is fairly short around her face. Her dark brown eyes are lined from years of laughter and the sun.

Wilson Wickham ~ Age 70, grey/white hair, and a white goatee, light blue eyes and a long thin face on a slender frame. Here visiting from London, England.

Madge Wickham ~ Age 68, rounder figure, with white hair and hazel eyes. They came on their honeymoon and stayed for their lives.

Neighbors (cabin) ~

Grizzly Adams ~ Taller than 6’4”, wild brown hair, eyes and beard but big heart.

His sons ~
Wayne Adams ~ As tall as his dad, he appears to be in his late twenties, a miniature Grizzly complete with the brown eyes and wild beard.

Thomas (Tommy) ~ Almost as tall as his dad but lacking about 3”, he appears to be in his mid-twenties, another miniature Grizzly, blue eyes and light beard.

Neighbors at 53 Baird Road (new home) ~

At 50 Baird Road, directly across from Otaktay’s ~
Sam Duncan,
Carl Duncan ~ Age 24 (m) Beverly, age 22
Vern Duncan ~ Age 22 (m) Valorie, age 21
Oscar Duncan ~ Age 20
Bud Duncan ~ Age 18

Fellow Game Wardens ~

Captain Frank Dailey ~ Around 55 years, 6’6” tall, blue grey eyes and a round Irish face. He’s heavy but all muscle, not as tough as he would like people to believe.

Adrian McDowen ~ About 6’1”, around 34, tall, slender and very muscular. Keeps his black hair long and in a pony tail down his back, dark grey eyes, a quick wide smile, charmer but a good dependable man… Caught by a cooking woman . . . not the model type he was dating.

Russell ~ About 6’, around 38, tall colored man, dark brown hair, eyes, goes by Russ, just moved to Northern Maine about three years ago. Good man to have as a friend, partner, or roofer.

Gordon ~ About 5’11”, around 57, tall, solid, womanizer (in his mind), charming, joker, grey hair, and faded blue eyes. He likes to eat, thinks the world of Nairna, Morgan, and Taz. Ex-Marine and a good man to stand with you for a fight.

Rob ~ About 5’8”, around 30, ladies’ man, light blonde longish hair, hazel eyes, roving eyes, until his protection breaks and he ends up married to an always pregnant Lillian.

Dispatchers ~

Karen Dailey ~ About 5’7”, around 50, tall, petite figure, golden blonde hair, deep blue eyes. She resembles Lady Diana and wears her hair short and in a similar style. Don’t be fooled by her placid demeanor; she rules the roost at home.

Barb (B) ~ About 5’9” tall, age around 58, hazel eyes, well-rounded figure, black hair mostly grey now. She’s dependable and easy to talk to for Nairna.

Angie ~ About 5’11” tall, medium-length dark brown hair, slender, very friendly and outgoing, as well as being reliable.

Maryann ~ About 5’7” tall, around 21 or 22 years of age. Her boyfriend is into drugs and partying. Not dependable and there for the money, when she shows up. Her classmate Susie is just as bad . . . and they could be twins . . . party twins.

John (B) ~ About 6’7” tall, balding on top but you have to be tall to really notice, friendly brown eyes, thin but always hungry. He retired and now he’s working different shifts here than his wife Barb.

Sandy ~ (m) Adrian, dark red hair, dark brown eyes and is busty. With a well-rounded figure, she has a round face and a fast smile. She steps on Adrian’s foot and cooks her way into his heart.

Tim ~ Weekend guy. Hears and takes what he shouldn’t and it will cost him everything.

Peter ~ Mumbles when he talks; he drives the Wardens crazy.

Edith Browkin ~. She looks and sounds just like Edith Bunker from the TV show All in the Family. From the Bronx, she moved here ten years ago, and her husband just died, so she’s bored. She learns quick and another dependable woman on our team.

St. Regis Reservation Tribal Chiefs ~

Mark Clark
Brenda Chachellor
Evan Trossley

Tribal Sub Chiefs ~

Bailey Houston
Allen Jonah
(not present) Thom(as) Thomas


Book Details ~

Format ~ Paperback, 229 pages
Publication Date ~ January 2019
ISBN-10 ~ 179387252X
ISBN-13 ~ 978-1793872524


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