No Buddy’s Baby

No Buddy's Baby

Mita Gwenn meets Karen Dailey when Karen starts work at Mita’s place of employment. At 35, Mita has never had a friend until now. Karen gladly pulls Mita into her loving family circle. Frank Dailey thinks of Mita as a younger sister. Joshua and Christina Dailey love Mita to pieces. Then tragedy strikes, and Mita’s cat dies in her apartment.

From this tragedy, Mita comes into contact with Conur Doyle. Conur falls hard for this sad brown-eyed lady. He begins to cautiously court her. Frank gets it into his head that Mita needs a husband. If Conur isn’t Mr. Right then maybe his partner Ace Arlen should be. Going against his wife and Mita’s wishes, Frank schemes to get Ace and Mita together, with disastrous results. When a massive dose of gas almost costs Mita her life, Frank insists she move in with them until she recovers.  

Conur is soon pressing Mita to marry him. He’s so in love with her. He’ll care for her for the rest of her life. Mita doesn’t love Conur. She wants another apartment, a new job, and her independence. Ace can’t forget the scars he glimpsed on Mita’s back. Suddenly, Ace can’t seem to forget Mita at all. Some force brings the two of them together with fiery results. After a two-day weekend of passion, Ace seemingly turns his back on Mita and walks away. Conur is still courting her. Mita is not feeling very well. She has caught a nine-month bug from Ace. When Conur discovers her condition, he immediately proposes marriage before Ace can get to her side. Mita accepts, and they’re quickly wed. Then Ace and Conur start to become friends. However, things keep blowing up or bursting into flames around the young newlyweds. When a burning building collapses on Conur, Mita finds herself forced to turn to Ace for comfort and protection. Ace professes his love for her and his unborn child. Now, someone is trying to kill Mita and the child. Ace slows a bullet meant for Mita. When the bullet enters her abdomen, she goes into labor.

Even after Trevor is gone, someone is still trying to kill Ace and Mita. Will Amber Ann live to see her first birthday?

Why won’t people just leave them alone?

For the answers to these burning questions, turn the page and read No Buddy’s Baby . . .


Meet the Characters ~

Mita Gwenn ~ She’s very shy and extremely terrified of men. Her father was overbearing and cruel. She has no self-esteem or confidence in herself. Frank becomes her older brother. She’s happy with her cat Macloud. Free of her father’s incestuous advances and stinging lash. She finds a true friend in Karen. Then she makes another friend of Conur but will he be content to stay just friends?

Frank Dailey ~ Irish cop. He’s introduced to Mita by his wife Karen. They have two lovely children – Joshua, aged 6, and Christina, aged 3. They’d like nothing better than to see Mita happily married with children. Or maybe, they’d like to have Mita happy and healthy. Frank soon becomes bound and determined to get Mita hooked up with a man to love and care for her. His partner, Ace, would be perfect for Mita. Frank’s known Ace for almost 15 years, probably better than Ace knows himself . . . right?

Conur Doyle ~ Fire Chief, he’s burning with love for Mita. He knows she’s been hurt by some man, somewhere, sometime in her life. He only wants to love her until he dies. He’s got a good crew, a good home, a good heart. He’s got someone who wants his heart stopped . . . or maybe toasted?

Ace Aric Arlen ~ Frank’s partner, a definite wild card. He’s a total party animal. He likes to flit from flower to flower spreading his pollen around. Frank thinks at 40, Ace needs to settle down. Ace claims there isn’t a woman who can tie him down and hold his interest. Ace isn’t interested in boring, plain little Mita . . . but then again . . . what is it about her that starts a fire inside him???

Trevor Yardley ~ An old school chum of Conur’s. He happens to have a very old vendetta to settle. He made sure Conur’s father died in a fire. He’s after Conur and plans to eliminate Conur’s entire family line. He’s sure Conur was the father of his sister’s unborn child. When her family found out she was pregnant at 16, she killed herself rather than reveal the child’s father. Together with his baby brother, Mark, the Yardleys will make a lot of people pay . . . or not.


Book Details ~

Format ~ Paperback, 268 pages
Publication Date ~ October, 2017
ISBN-10 ~ 1977843735
ISBN-13 ~ 978-1977843739


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