Wind River Blaze

Wind River Blaze

It starts when Jess is 14 and involves her father Daine’s annual hunting trip with one of his sons to Wind River Reservation in Wyoming. Her mother Millie just died, so Jess’s father is reluctant to leave her at home alone. Jess’s father contacts his Marine buddy, Ben Michante, a registered guide on the reservation and asks if bringing his youngest, Jess, is okay. Ben will bring his middle son, Blaze, who is 17, with him to pal around with the youngster. Jess’s father assures Ben that his youngest is an experienced hunter and a better shot than the older boys. Daine wants some time with his man friend, Ben.

When they arrive, Jess can tell that Blaze is not thrilled with being stuck with her. She also realizes that both the male guides think she is a boy. Jess and Blaze assist in setting up their fathers’ base camp. Then at Blaze’s discretion, ride further on to set up their own camp. At the camp, Blaze lays down his rules. Eventually, Jess has to relieve herself. Blaze walks into the woods to pee and discovers her. Blaze figures their dads knew but left him to find out for himself. He pees near her making sure she can see his manhood. Then he begins the lessons of pointing out various vegetation to avoid while they walk back to camp. Blaze is thinking he can lord it over on this dumb girl . . . wrong. Within three days, they are running, hunting, trapping, and generally enjoying camping. They are sharing a tent and doing chores together.

The weather turns hot for this time of year. After a long day of tracking some game, they come upon a nice pond. The water is nice, so Blaze dares Jess to skinny dip. Living with four older brothers, Jess is not one to be shy of accepting a dare. Jess quickly removes her top, shoes, and jeans. Blaze’s jeans quickly become uncomfortable. Blaze dunks her a couple of times but mostly does things that allow him to touch and stroke parts of her body in the water. Then Blaze corners Jess in the shallow end and pulls her to his chest for a kiss. This play results in Jess surrendering herself to him. She is happy. They eat and go to sleep in the tent. The next two weeks are spent hunting, trapping, and making love. When the radio squawks, Blaze answers it saying, “Time to head down to base camp.” They pledge to write each other and plan to wed.

Back home, she goes back to school but begins writing as promised, long letters to Blaze. She tells him how she misses him and how she aches for him. The sealed letters are given to father to mail. He gives them to Warren saying, “Destroy these. I don’t want my daughter writing and getting involved with an Indian boy.” Warren takes them and reads them. Then he brings them to her father to read. She continues writing to Blaze but never gets an answer.

By 17, she has stopped writing and started taking music lessons on the piano. Jess focuses on the music and ends up at the top of her class. Jess gets her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees and is quickly taken under the wing of Leon Windermyer, her manager. For the next 15 years, Jess plays, tours solo, and matures into a beautiful but distant young woman – Leon’s words. Finally, Jess begs Leon for a vacation. Leon grants Jess two months off over September and October. Jess has been fantasizing about this for the last year. She’s going to the Wind River Reservation and look up Blaze.

Jess calls her brother Mason, who is working as a Game Warden on the Wind River Reservation, and is immediately invited to come stay with him. While her brother Mason is out working, she is using the internet to locate information on Blaze Michante. Blaze is now a lawyer with his own practice in Riverton, Wyoming. Jess calls and schedules a legal appointment with Blaze. The meeting is a disaster and fleeing the office, Jess is broadsided by a drunk driver. Trying to catch up with her, regretting his actions in the office, Blaze witnesses the accident and goes with her to the hospital. They discover why there was no correspondence. Blaze vows he will never be parted from Jess again. Ben discovers that the young boy he left his middle son with has grown into a famous pianist and a beautiful young woman. Jess’s mother didn’t think she would like the young girl who broke her son’s heart and left him heartbroken and angry filled with hate at this young girl.

However, their brothers seem determined to destroy their life together and won’t leave them alone. What will Blaze do to keep Jess safely in his loving arms? Murder? Torture? Well, read Wind River Blaze and find out how big the fire between Blaze and Jess will grow . . . and who gets burned.

Open Wind River Blaze and meet these characters and all the others responsible for making Jess and Blaze happy and miserable . . . Can you spot the villains right off? Probably not . . . but be warned . . . it gets pretty hot in Wind River between two young lovers and their friends and family . . .


Meet the Characters ~

Jess (Jessica) Elizabeth Stonebridge ~ Age 14 then, 29 now. She has long dark auburn hair, big green eyes, and a curvy slender frame. She’s a tomboy becoming a woman. She’s proud of her budding breasts and slender hips and small waist, feet and long legs. Only 5’9” tall but fast on her feet, skilled in weapons and several forms of martial arts. She grows into an accomplished concert pianist and avid horse lover. She never loves another after Blaze; that fire still burns hot.

Blaze Michante ~ Aged 17 then, 32 now. He has long black hair, his father’s dark brown eyes and grows to stand over 6’5” tall. His time in the Marines gives him a lot of strengths and special training. His father gave him a lot of nature training in hunting, trapping, and surviving. At 17, he is maturing into a young man and is not happy, at first, at being a babysitter for a 14-year-old boy. Blaze dares her to swim naked. Touching and stroking leads to kissing, and kissing leads to something neither expected . . . she’s deflowered, and he’s totally in love with this moist, willing female goddess. Both men would have been shocked at what their youngsters were doing several hours before their return. When she leaves and never writes him, he’s heart-broken. This hurt turns to anger after a year. He fights with his father before joining the Marines for four years. Dissatisfied, he attends law college and becomes a successful Lawyer with an office in Riverton. He’s not expecting Jess Stonebridge to show up for a 3 o’clock appointment and walk back into his life and heart. How dare she! Enraged, Blaze forgets to ask her the one question that’s been burning his heart and soul – WHY???

Jess’s Parents ~

Daine W. Stonebridge ~ Aged 50 then, 65 now. He thinks of Jess as his fifth son. He knows she’s lost without her mother at this time in her life. He’s lost, too. He still sees Jess as a slender boy and not as the budding woman who should be wearing dresses, bras and makeup. He’s 6’4”, black hair that turns white quickly after his wife dies, grey eyes and proud of his sons. He’s the only son of a wealthy shipping magnate whose passion for horses and finances keep him comfortable in Stonebridge Manor outside of Caribou, Maine. He pushes Jess into a music college to get her degrees. The girl who leaves at 18 to attend college is not the girl he remembers who returns at 21 and begins touring under her managers guidance. If Daine knew what went on while he and Ben were hunting that summer, he would have hunted Blaze the following year.

Millete Jessica Stonebridge ~ Age 44 then, but deceased. An avid painter, horsewoman and music lover, she had the same color hair as Jess and her green eyes. She stood 5’9” tall, slender, and then fell to her death at Stonebridge Cottage. She never lived to see what happened to Jess that following summer.

Jess’s Brothers ~

Jericho ~ Age 25 then, 40 now. He is 6’2” tall, balding on top and has brown hair and eyes. He’s overweight from lack of activity, and his wife, Eleanor makes his life miserable after she finds out he attempted to take young Jess when she was 14. His job as a physician’s assistant gets him plenty of opportunities to grope the young pussies he examines . . . as well as the young males. His son Daine is 17 and headed for trouble at school. He resembles his father and takes after him in ways his mother would not approve of. He has been playing house with a girl in his math class. Now she’s pregnant, and he has to tell his parents he’s getting married. Her father insists. He’ll be bagging groceries for a long time.

Colton ~ Age 22 then, 37 now. He is 6’7” tall, thin, and very talented in the financial world. He works in Portland, Oregon, as a financial advisor and makes good money. He’s married now with three children. His wife, Sally, is a great busty black woman. They don’t go back to Stonebridge Manor at all. Father didn’t approve of Sally and told her why.

Warren ~ Age 20 then, 35 now. He resembles a younger version of his father. He’s the one who points out to their father that Jess got sexually active over the summer. He’s the son who is responsible for all of Jess’s letters to Blaze never getting to the post office. He brings them back for father and himself to read. Then he’s supposed to destroy them . . . but he’s waiting for his chance to use them against Jess. He’ll abuse her every chance he gets and every way he can think of. Shame he never thought of what Blaze will do to him in retaliation for his cruelty.

Mason ~ Age 18 then, 33 now. He has grey green eyes, dark brown almost black hair, and stands 6’5”. At 18, he doesn’t want another summer with the guide’s young son. He’s done his three years and wants the time to himself. He’s fit and muscular and very into conservation and living off the land. He drove a big rig for three years after leaving the Marines at 23. Now he’s working as a Game Warden on the Wind River Reservation and dating a lovely Indian maiden, Nakoma.

Blaze’s Parents ~

Benjamin Michante ~ Sioux Native American, age 49 then, 64 now. Muscular, black hair, 6’7, black brown eyes, wears his hair long. Proud and very into the old ways of his People. His old Marine friend, Daine Stonebridge, throws him for a loop when he brings Jess to hunt with Blaze. Ben never realizes that Jess is a 14-year-old girl or that she’s Jessica Stonebridge, the famous pianist. Surprise! He finds out a lot of surprising things when Jessica becomes his daughter-in-law.

Wendean Michante ~, Arapaho Native American, age 46 then, 61 now. She has long brown hair, grey eyes, and a plump figure. She loves her sons. She’d love a daughter, if only one of them would marry. She never meets Jess but she shares the heartache and suffering her son Blaze goes through after that summer is over. She’s proud of what he has done and become.

Blaze’s Brothers ~

Christian Michante ~ Age 20 then, 35 now. His hair is trimmed but falls to his collar and is dark brown like his eyes. No interest in the outdoors, he’s strictly a book learner. He ends up teaching at a college in Colorado. He was in the special forces and is a stone-cold killer but not of things to eat. He likes the killing and also the conquering of new females. Home for the wedding and the holidays, he’s really hot to have some of Jess, the part between her legs.

Alexander Michante ~ Age 15 then, now 30. He’s the quiet one. Long brown hair and grey eyes, 6’1″, finally thinned down after getting into weight lifting. He runs with the pumped-up muscular crowd. No interest in females until his brother brings home a tasty red-head. Then he joins the pack hungry for some red-headed mating.


Book Details ~

Format ~ Paperback, 172 pages
Publication Date ~ January, 2019
ISBN-10 ~ 1725628236
ISBN-13 ~ 978-1725628236


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