Felling the Mighty Birch

Felling the Mighty Birch

Three years ago, Myra came home from her current tour to attend her mother’s funeral. There she meets her father’s mistress, Eleanor. She suspected her father had a mistress since her mother was very ill over the last ten years. She didn’t expect to find the mistress moved into the house. Ten years ago, she went up to Wyoming to attend and play the music at her older brother Hayle’s wedding. She got to wear an extremely sensual gown to his reception. At sixteen, she learns that her body is a very powerful and alluring attraction to the opposite sex. She dances with one tall, dark and handsome young man only once but is unable to forget him for years after returning home.

Presently, as she has for the past ten years, she returns to her father’s ranch in Texas to help with the horse stock. Heading to a nearby town for supplies for her father, she wakes after spending three weeks in a coma, in a hospital bed with a replaced left knee, broken arm, wrist and hand. Her father has moved to Wyoming and left a note on the ranch front door. She calls her manager and his wife finally locates a phone number for her brother Hayle in Wyoming. Once called, Hayle comes to Texas to bring his sister to his home to recover from her injuries.

The pilot, Baron, brings her and Hayle back to Wyoming. Baron tries his best, but he can’t seem to charm her heart. She meets a Market owner and his deaf daughter. She also keeps seeing this tall dark handsome Tribal Police Officer (Birch) whom she can’t seem to get interested in knowing her. Saving him from being shot in the back gets her a nice dinner and her Jeep stolen. Birch does his best to try to stay away from her, but he can’t. A twist of fate reveals that they met over 14 years ago at her brother’s wedding.

Someone wants Myra dead. Birch brings her to his secluded cabin to recover and discover their love of hunting and each other. A dark secret comes to light involving her 5-year-old niece that will almost destroy her brother but will also bring him a new love. Hired killers show at Birch’s cabin and Myra takes a hit to her healed left knee shortly after Birch proposes marriage.

Circumstances then force take them into hiding. Myra and Hayle decide to have a double wedding to their loves. The ceremony is a beautiful one until gunfire erupts and puts three slugs into Hayle as he shields his daughter and one into Birch as he shields Myra. Myra is forced to save her new husbands life. Their father comes to his senses. Eleanor is caught and eliminated. The Council of 12 give Birch and Myra a nice honeymoon cottage after Birch accepts his seat on the Council.

Birch builds Myra a new home and gives her his son. They open their home to two young orphan girls and discover a whole new meaning to life. Will they get the chance to live happily ever after or is another dark evil lurking in their future? Why not walk into the forest and find the mighty Birch for yourself? Careful, you don’t get lost in the pages…there might be poachers out there amongst all those trees.


Meet the Characters ~

Mirabelle (Myra) MacTawny ~ Age 29, dark, dark red hair and dark brown eyes. She’s 5’7” tall and a spitfire. She tours 6 months a year as the concert pianist Mirabelle and helps with her father’s horses over the summer. A drunk driver T-bones her, and she has to put her tour on-hold while she heals and regains the use of her knee and left hand again. She’s also fascinated by a certain tall, dark and handsome Tribal Police man.

Birch Riverton ~ Age 33, long black hair, dark brown eyes, rough complexion from skin problems, distrusts women, especially hates red-haired women. He’s 6’4” tall, lean and very athletic and proud. He’s highly educated, loves being a Tribal Police Detective and working with horses. He loves the four horses the MacTawnys are stabling there and especially the two additional stallions that belong to MacTawny’s daughter. His father has bragged about the cute little Miss Myra. Which leaves the familiar sour taste in his mouth. Beautiful women are cold, selfish, self-centered and critical. Red-haired women are the worst . . . so what is it about this particular woman???

Reece Riverton, Birch’s father ~ Age 55, older more worn version of Birch. Long black hair, dark brown eyes and a ready smile. He’s 6’1”, still lean, athletic and very active. Loves horses and really likes Myra. Wishes Birch could find someone to enter his shell and end his loneliness. Married 35 years to the love of his life. He’s a Sioux warrior. His one weakness is young white girls . . . sort of like Myra.

Zita Riverton ~ Age 54, she’s Shoshone and very proud of her three sons. Her heart bleeds for her oldest, Birch, and wishes he would find a nice Native American girl to have children with. She has dark brown hair and grey eyes. Birch is her favorite son. She is thin and very active. Unfortunately, she hates the whites.

Birch’s Brothers ~

Slade ~ Age 31, 6’1” tall, married to Jedie, age 35. She’s not getting fat with a baby. She’s a model and still working. She doesn’t like Zita and is not about to give her grandchildren. Slade is into the modeling, too, and doesn’t want to lose his wife until he meets Myra, a hot red-head who belongs to Birch . . . maybe.

Haven ~ Age 29, 6’0” tall, single. Works in the stables but barely. Does not care for horses unless that beautiful hot Myra is here, then he’s all over her two stallions like he’d like to be all over her. He has long dark brown hair and his mother’s grey eyes. He doesn’t look like Birch at all. He favors his father . . . unfortunately it’s not Reece.

Mirabelle’s Family ~

Scott MacTawny ~ Age 60. He has solid white hair, but he started early going white. His dark brown eyes and wide smile are not necessary what he’s truly thinking or feeling. He is glad when his sickly wife passes. He has a mistress, and he is finally free to marry her. He’s 6’3” and loves his daughter but wishes she would find a nice white guy and start a family. Just not with the one she’s hanging around with…

Eleanor MacTawny ~ Age 45. Her dyed black hair is phony like her smile. Her brown eyes are cold and hard. She wants Myra out of the house so she has free rule. She’ll do anything to get rid of the bitch and her damnable mother’s piano. She wants that room for her flower designs. She’s tired of dieting and seeing Myra eating whatever she wants and staying slender.

Hayle MacTawny, Myra’s brother ~ Age 36, 6’2”, muscular from hard work, black hair and grey eyes. He loves horses and working around them on his father’s ranch. Married 13 years to Opal, an Arapaho, aged 35, who dutifully gave her father the grandson, Scotty, aged 13, that he wanted. The daughter, Nuala, age 4, is not a welcome addition to her home. She loves the house that Hayle provides. She does not like Hayle’s sister but the white does clean the house and cook for Opal. Myra gives her money behind Hayle’s back. She also watches Opal’s kids, runs errands. Now if she would put that damn piano monstrosity somewhere else. The music grates her teeth, the few she has left. Another reason she hates Myra.

Simma Tonkason Riverton ~ Age 7, long black hair and dark brown eyes over a constant smile. She’s an orphan who fits with Myra and Birch like a puzzle piece . . . until she goes to stay with Nuala at Hayle’s.

Jenni ~ 4 years old, thin, very nervous, large brown eyes, black hair. Her Sioux father was killed in Iran three weeks ago. Her mother is white. She abandoned Jenni at the orphanage and went back to her people in Butte, Montana. Her black hair is braided but has not been combed or redone in a while. In Birch’s loving home, she will blossom into a beautiful young girl.

Marley ~ 5 years old, a full head of red hair and big brown eyes. She’s deaf and was dumped by the highway, badly beaten over the old scars on her backside and back. Friendly, Birch and Myra will make her world all right again and fill it with love and laughter.

The Market Owner ~

Mack Littlestone ~ Age 45, about 5’11” tall, balding, stocky but with a ready smile in his round Native American face. His daughter, Lilly, aged 9, was born deaf. She goes to a special school. Long dark brown hair and hazel eyes, slender, wide smile, round face. Miss Myra is the first customer to sign to her whenever she comes in to shop. His daughter looks for Myra to come into the store. She also likes Officer Riverton, because he signs to her, too. He rides his horse over and puts her on with him and rides her around over the weekends. Lilly knows two people who would be happy together . . . but they’re as blind as she is deaf.

The Music Manager ~

Bud Winston ~ Age 47, 6’0” tall, clean shaven, dark brown eyes, manager married to Darma, age 46, about 5’5” tall, slender, dark blue eyes and silver blonde hair. He’s a southern gent from Oklahoma. Married 20 years but childless. Darma designs all Myra’s stage costume gowns. Bud also puts out a couple of CDs and DVDs of her performances, which sell nicely. He resembles that action actor in the Die Hard movies. When Myra starts getting inquiries about where Myra gets her gowns, Darma starts her own business.

Frank Dailey ~ Age 49 6’6” tall. He is a hulking large man with a round face, friendly grey eyes, and blond hair. His hair is cut short, almost military style. He has huge but gentle hands. He and his wife like Mirabell. He works with her brother as a Game Warden but falls under the tiny Myra’s magic musical spell.

The Ruling Council Of 12 ~

Dacan Allen Greyhawk ~ Age 67, 6’4” tall, muscular, white hair, warm brown eyes, and his wife, Kimi age 64, 5’11”, slender, round face long grey hair in braids, quick smile, grey eyes. Dacan thinks a lot of Birch and is pleased at his choice of a mate.

Baron Riverton, Jr (Running Fox) ~ Age 34, 6’4”, long brown hair and blue/grey eyes in a light shade. His mouth is very sensual and his nose is roman straight over his full lips. He has the high predominant cheek bones and high forehead of Native Americans. He’ll wait 100 years for Myra to love him. Best friend and close cousin of Birch, he’s glad Myra is going to live with Birch. He probably shouldn’t have said as much as he did to his father. Backed into a corner, he takes the only way he knows out . . .

Baron Riverton, Sr ~ Age 59, 6’5” tall, long brown hair with grey in it, the same blue/grey eyes but with more lines around them. His mouth would be sensual if not looking hard with multitude of lines that are not laugh lines but anger and distrust. His lips are thinner but still shaped like his son’s. He’s angry that a mere white woman would hurt his son so badly. Myra could have had anything she desired, but she desires his nephew with the scarred face. He’s going to hurt her like she hurt his son . . . and much worse.

Tony ~ Age around 30, always there for Birch. A fellow Tribal Police Officer who has known Birch a long time. He’s looking for a wife who can cook like Myra.

Adam Cheeh, Medicine Man ~ He is tall at 6’3” but young, about 32 or 33. Now the Medicine Man as his father was, until his death last year. His black hair is cut to just below his shoulders. He has attended the white man’s medicine school but not graduated yet. He has dark brown eyes and is slightly stocky but athletic. He’s dating Scarlett Green, age 32, slightly deaf, slender and who helps Myra solve Marley’s hearing problem.

Manny and Mindy Mescalla ~ Age 35, he stands about 6’7” tall, dark brown eyes. He’s very muscular and strong. Old friend of Birch’s. Native American with his long dark brown hair in braids and hard-soled moccasin boots on his feet. His wife, Mindy, is 6’4” tall but not heavy. Her brown eyes are laughing and very friendly. She has a fantastic smile and her dark brown hair is pulled back into a long pony tail down her back. His son Marcus is called Markie; he’s a tiny charmer and a handful.

Buddy Longbow ~ Stands about 6’6” probably, age around 43, very muscular and strong, another of Birch’s friends. He wears his long brown hair in braids and can be found usually wearing hard-soled tall moccasin boots. His eyes are brown and his face is lined from laughing and being in the sunlight.

Hank Longbow ~ Age 39, 6’7” tall, long black hair, dark brown eyes, his cheek bones are high in his narrow face, muscular, slender, trustworthy with a great sense of humor, great man to have at your back or in your court, strong hands and good heart.

The Shaman – Kawanda ~ About 6’4” tall, slender, wise, dark brown hair and eyes. A lot of grey in his hair but he’s about 55 or so. He has a very commanding presence and a very special vision that he can foretell some things and be told by Myra’s mother’s spirit of a few things he needs to know. A kind loving man who joins Birch and Myra and protects Nakoma and Scott. Myra’s mother can channel through him sometimes.

Captain Allen “Andy” Stonewall ~ Age 55, wife Corendella “Cora”, age 54. Captain has a round face, long brown hair and is heavy but very muscular. Very wise and very loving father and husband. His brown eyes are saddened by what Birch and Myra tell him . . . but he’ll get justice . . . tribal variety.

Allen “Doc” Stonewall, son ~ Age 35, a younger version of his dad. Very dedicated to his chosen healing profession. Thinner face but a large hawkish nose and forehead. Long brown hair braided down his back, dark brown eyes, and a cautious smile.

Running Bear, son ~ Age 16 years. Slender boy, fast running, loves the hunt. His long brown hair is usually in two long braids, and his dark brown eyes are usually filled with laughter and a little mischief. He’s going to follow in his father’s footsteps and join the Tribal Police and be a great warrior, like Birch.

Nakoma Stonewall MacTawny, daughter ~ Age 35, married Hayle MacTawney. Long black hair and light blue eyes with a big smile and a large bust and slender waist. Nuala brings Nakoma and Hayle together in tragedy that will end in true love.

Della Anne. daughter ~ Age 5, long brown hair in braids, and dark brown eyes in a round loving young girl’s face.

Dru Palemino ~ Age 40, 6’2” tall, heavy-set, brown hair and eyes; wife Eleane, age 37, 5’11” tall, slender, birdlike, long face; son Carl, 18 years old; son Timothy, age 16; daughter Beverly, age 15.

Lennie Goodwater ~ Age 49, wife Frannie, age 44; sons Thomas, age 21; and Mel “Mellow Bird”, age 19.

Samuel Fallbear ~ Age 38, widower 10 years; daughter Dawn Rose, age 16.

John Laughingboy ~ Age 60; wife, Barbara, aged 54; sons: Donnie, age 30; William, age 26; Harper, age 24


Book Details ~

Format ~ Paperback, 244 pages
Publication Date ~ January 2019
ISBN-10 ~ 1725628015
ISBN-13 ~ 978-1725628014


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