April in Chicago

April in Chicago

A chance glance at the classifieds one Sunday results in a new position and a move to Chicago.

A lingering glance during church services gets her heart stolen by a handsome man.

Helping a fellow employee named Matt, whose car is unreliable, brings her to the attention of Det. David Chase, Narcotics. This results in her termination and takes her down a very challenging road.

Her car is stolen and she finds Det. David Chase (her handsome man from church) very willing to be her friend. Finding her after she’s beaten and raped by her present boss, Det. Chase becomes her source of strength and reason to live.

Drawn to her still virginal innocence and loving nature, Det. Chase finds himself examining his own lifestyle and desires.

Marcia struggles to overcome past hurts to reach toward David and total fulfillment. David struggles with his own passions and desires to allow her mind and body to heal and find the waiting comfort and protection of his loving arms.

When the rapist returns to her apartment, David is forced to kill him and pull Marcia into his protective arms and a life with him.

When two older boys decide to beat up Danny at a nearby playground, David comes to his rescue. When they take Danny home, his grandparents are glad to give him to the young couple for a slight price.

Now they find themselves newlywed and falling in love with a 5-year-old Just when they’ve found happiness, the rapist’s older brother comes to town to settle the score.

The couple find themselves fighting for their future life together.


Meet the Characters ~

Marcia Sutton ~ At 45, she’s just lost 150 pounds and is ready to start a fresh life and maybe find true love. She’s a virgin, never dated. Shy, self-conscious, low self-esteem, quiet always been a loner. In Chicago, she losses her job to a misunderstanding, her heart to a man she sees in church, her virginity to a vicious rapist, and herself to David.

David Chase ~ At 48, he thought she was shy and a hurt little girl when he first saw her in church – not his type. Then, when he sees her during a narcotics stake out, figures she’s a wild girl. After a face to face meeting, discovers she’s just a lost little girl in a big city. He finds himself trying to think of ways to meet her and thinks it’s fate when her car is stolen. Then he blames himself for letting her get a ride home, beaten and raped. He wants to make love to her but knows what she’s been through. He discovers she’s his type after all.

Barbara ~ Marcia’s friend for 18 years. She knows her better than anyone else. She helps her see that David wants more than friendship when Marcia’s too naïve to understand his body language.

Frank Dailey ~ David’s first partner on the Chicago Police Force. He’s always there for David. His wife, Karen becomes Marcia’s first true friend in Chicago.

Greg ~ David’s lawyer friend who wants to see justice done for Marcia. She puts a spell on him with her cooking.

Jim ~ Marcia’s new boss who beats and then brutally rapes her. He bears a scary resemblance to her sister’s husband, also named Jim, in Florida. His older brother Dwight decides he’ll get revenge. He stalks David and Marcia, threatening to destroy David’s life any way he can.

Danny ~ A little boy whom nobody wants until he meets David and Marcia. They have enough love between them to share with this 5-year-old who desperately needs them.


Book Details ~

Format ~ Paperback, 268 pages
Publication Date ~ 2018
ISBN-13 ~ 978-1979635783
ISBN-10 ~ 1979635781

Format ~ Kindle eBook
Publication Date ~ 2018


Where to Purchase ~

April in Chicago, by Marcia Oster, may be purchased directly from the author.